Tuesday, November 25, 2008


These are both prints
Me making a face
African Mask

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm at school. I'm such an outlaw. XD

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Career Options:

Computer Hardware Designer
Costume Designer
Computer Animator
Technical Illustrator
Visual Effects Technician
Civil Engineering Technician
Landscape Architect
Lighting Designer
Multimedia Designer
Electrical Engineer
Movie-TV Camera Operator
Medical Illustrator
Website Designer
Arson Investigator
Acoustical Engineer
Computer Engineer
Naval Architect
Auto Racing Mechanic
Sports Photographer
Environmental Technician

Arson investigator? Sports photographer??? Ooo...acoustical engineer? Cool... oh, and movie camera operator? Sweet.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paradise Playground RUN IT'S AN EMPLOYEE!!

Okay! So on Friday, me and a bunch of people from Youth Group went to Paradise Playground, which is not paradise by any stretch of the imagination. The employees kept yelling at you if you jumped on something wrong, or if you did something you shouldn't. And then the guy employees kept looking at the girls weirdly and pervertedly.

But it was a heck of a night! IT WAS SO FUN!

There was a room full of lazars you had to try and duck like in Get Smart and there was Mission: Impossible music playing. Steve lost. He ran through ALL of them. Caleb came in second to last.

And there was this one thing called 'Jurrasic Adventure' which was basically a inflatable castle with two inflatable triceratops heads on one side, and two inflatable long-necks (watchamacall'em) on the other (and if you sit right in the middle, you get stuck in the hole the air comes in [i got stuck, and so did Carli, and so did Mason, and so did Steve]), and then in the middle, there's an inflatable volcano you climb up and you can slide down either side.

So Rabekka, Sara Smith, and I were hanging out at the top, and Blacklock and a bunch of the boys (and Carli) started to grab the ropes you climb up and pull on them. They would have pulled the whole thing down, had the employees not screamed for them to stop. Then Sarah all of the sudden screams and falls down one side.

Then later we did an obstical course and the girls won. :D Yay!


over and out,


Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Just Had The Following Text Message Conversation:

Sara: Colten got a hair cut
Me: I know.
Sara: He looks weird
Me: What, did you just see him or something?
Sara: Yeah he road my bus
Me: Ah. Yeah, he does look wierd. But it's also a step towards not being emo. Baby steps, Colten, baby steps XD
Sara: Michael is taking baby steps to become a man
Me: *bursts out laughing*
Me: *still laughing* I know!

But yeah, Colten got a haircut, and now you can see his eyes! It used to be as long as mine (after I got one), and he looked like a sheepdog. Wow! Baby steps...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're On A Bridge, Caleb!

Youth Group 11-12-08:

My mom always bakes things for the youth group because, well, nobody else does. And let's face it, we've got waaay to many teenage boys shooting up like asparagus. So we walk in, and everyone's like "FOOOD!!" and we're tackled by a herd of boys.

Anderson donated a foose-ball table, so four of us (Carli and me vs. Jeeter and Makayla) all play until everyone's wrists and my stabbed thumb hurt. So then Carli and I kind of circled around social circles, avoiding conversations that sound boring, until we get to the Rabecca, Rachel, Sarah Smith, Steve, and Caleb circle.
Steven gave me a high five, and Rabecca said that the noise bothered her, so we did it again. Then he gave Carli one while Caleb and I high fived, and then I clapped in her face and she jumped. Then Caleb clapped in my face, so i clapped in his, and then Carli's, and then Steve's. Then Steve's like, "Did you seriously just do that?"
"Yeah," I counter.
Stare down.

Then after the lesson, Carli, Blacklock, and I were talking and Caleb just walks up and says, "We're on a briiidge, Steph."
My brain goes Oh! I know that! So I say, "We're on a briiidge, Caleb! A magical bridge of hope and won-derrr..."
And then Carli's like, "We're going to the Happy Canyon, Car-liiii!"

Yaaay, Mystery Night's on friday! Can't wait!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sara Palin. Para Salin.

So i saw a picture on the internet, and in art class i was really bored, so i drew it.

Monday, November 10, 2008



So yesterday we had the horse trainer over to help us train our horses (no duh).

The trainer asked me what horse I wanted to work with. I said Cocoa. She said that since Keena cut her leg, Kristen could work with Allie because Bonnie isn't broken. So we go out and try and catch Cocoa, but like the little Spirit she is, she runs off. So we halter Allie up and go to work with her in the round pen.

I got to put the bridal around my neck and zip my coat up around it. Keeps the bit warm. Hm.

The trainer has Allie run circles around her, and then she lunges her, and then she's finally ready to ride. We saddle her up, and the trainer rides her. She does great! So they put Kristen on her, and Allie just takes off cantering in circles in the round pen. Her only goal: to get Kristen off her back, which eventually works.
Kristen lands funny, and her ankle starts to hurt, and later, swells.
The trainer is not happy with Allie at this point, so we put her back in the pen with the other horses.
I carry Kristen in, and we ice her ankle, and we can tell it's sprained, because she can't walk on it.

She got to stay home today.


Ow! The chiropractor messed with my neck today and it freaking HURTS.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Just Need To Say Something

The Cheesecake Factory has the best strawberry lemonade in the world.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nader / Palin Twenty-Twelve!!

Whoever's with me, here's the button and lawn sign! NADER / PALIN TWENTY-TWELVE!!! YEAH!!!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm laughing my head off right about now XD

Thursday, November 6, 2008



OBAMA'S PRESIDENT!!! >.< I'm gonna cry,

and we're all gonna DIE

(And I'm gonna laugh when he's assasinated before his term. XD)

And don't you dare post a comment, Michael. I will erase it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

BO-BO!!!! It's Boaaaaaz the Baaaatdoooog!!

Boaz's pictures!!!
Kristen and the Baby Bo Boaz
Nyaaaaawww....it's Bauw-Bauw!

Wanna Hear The Story of How I Stabbed My Hand?

I had to write about it for language arts, so here it goes:

No, Away From Yourself, Idiot

By Steph (*******)

I could hear the faint buzzing of the TV in the background, see and feel the warm light from the antler chandelier, igniting the reds of the walls into a deep and soothing crimson.
I think I was reading, but that part of my memory, I can’t seem to recall. Maybe I was watching with my family, huddled up one of the cool leather couches next to my sister. I don’t know.
I heard my Dad’s heavy footsteps. They sent a low tremor in the floor that I could feel under me from my position on the couch. He was carrying a large bowl of ice cream and a box of grahm crackers. And then I heard the dreaded crunching noise that seems to only pester me. Would it kill him to chew with his mouth closed?
I sat for a few minutes and pretended to watch the TV, but am really just focusing and mentally urging Dad to go downstairs, or any other room, suddenly remembering something he had to do. I wished I had Matilda powers. Frustration clouded my judgment. I could just feel it under my skin, my fists clenched.
I get this feeling often. The best I can do is simply leave the room.
So I did.
I ran up the wooden stairs to my room, the cold oak under my bare feet sent shivers up my back with every step.

I had gotten wood carving supplies the day before, and so I pulled the wittling knives out of their case along with the wood block, and set them on my desk. I selected my tool.
My cat got up to see what I was doing. I gave her a few strokes and shoved her off the table. She shook herself out, and I returned to my carving.
Only, hmm. I couldn’t quite seem to cut this one part just right.
I repositioned my left hand, not realizing it was right in the path of the knife, should it go off coarse, and pressed my hardest against the wood.

Then, suddenly, it was in my hand, in the skin between my thumb and forefinger. Blood spurt out of the puncture, forcing the blade out, raining droplets onto my desk and wood block.
I got up and walked quickly into the bathroom, right next door. Adrenaline poured into my system as my head became light.
“Mom!?” I yelled, “I need help!”
I held my hand over the sink, and the red puddle under it began to get bigger. I heard Mom running up the stairs, already knowing what I had done.
She appeared in the wooden doorframe. Her eyes got big, and she quickly folded six sheets of toilet paper into a pad. “Hold it above your head and press this against it, it should stop the bleeding,” she instructed.
Kristen came in with some hydrogen peroxide in hand. “Jeez, Steph,” she said in a heavily sarcastic voice. “Trying to kill yourself?”
I shook my head and suddenly felt really light. “I need to sit down,” I said, realizing how bright the single bulb hanging from the unfinished wall. I felt like puking.
Mom set me down by the wall and held my hand up. “Put your head between your knees and keep your hand elevated.”
I obeyed.
I heard, “It looks pretty deep.”
Then Kristen’s voice, “Your room looks like someone got murdered in there.”
My hand was numb with pain. I felt stinging, and looked up at Kristen gently taking the blood soaked pad off my hand and replacing it with one soaked in hydrogen peroxide. I winced.
“Hey, Steph,” Kristen said, “How about cutting away from yourself next time?”
I gave a half smile, feeling sick from loss of life juice. “Yeah,” I croaked, “No kidding.”

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Look this up

Look this up on Google Earth:

43°38'46.09"N 115°59'35.81"W

Saturday, November 1, 2008

50 Ways To Annoy Fang

These are links:

50 Ways To Annoy Fang

40 Ways To Annoy Iggy

30 Ways To Annoy Max

And This Is Just Cool, So I'm Posting It

This Is Cool Too

Also Weird and Really Cool

Those last ones were from Google Earth. They're really cool and incredebly weird.


How was trick or treating for you? If that's what you do.

I didn't go. I went and helped out at Slime Time at my church with Steve, Caleb, Alex, and Anderson. It was pretty fun. I manned (well, woman'ed) a trow-a-ball-into-this-hole-and-get-x-amount-of-prizes thing. At first it was you shot it into the hole with a sling-shot, but it broke. So we went with throwing it.

Then, like, halfway through the thing, Josh and Benny (Ben is the shortest asian eleven-year-old alive. I'm not even kidding. He calls me 'Stephy', and is so cute. He's really nice and polite, unlike his two older brothers) and they came with their mom, Denise.

I've known Steve's family since Daniel was born. So, like, forever. We're practically family. Same with Caleb's. Only his family left the church when we got a new pastor, and that made me sad 'cause his little sister I've known since she was born. She's uber cute too. Her name's Aubrey. And his brother Ethan...is just Ethan. He's a red head like Daniel, and they're friends too with another red head named J.T.


And then about fifteen minutes later, Steve, Caleb, Alex, and Anderson showed up and manned some of the other stations. It was funny, 'cause I could hear Caleb across the sanctuary: "STEP RIGHT UP!...

And then we all got shoved into the Cry Room (for babies, and it's soundproof) to take all the candy and put it into a big bag.
And then we hung out for awhile and talked about guy things because i relate to guys so much better than girls. I dunno.

It was just really fun. And then afterwards, Denise gave me some leftover dry ice and i put it into a bowl of water when I got home and went to bed at ten. And that is really early for me on a Friday night.

Over and out,