Friday, March 28, 2008

First week back...zzzz...

Okay. So here's the scoop on my moments this first week back at school!

  1. Colten kept looking at me in math. He's really begining to creep me out!
  2. Michael showed up in my art class at my seat. He's not even in that class!
  3. Hey, guess what? I can water-color fish! Isn't that great?
  4. We got new seats in health. Guess who i sit between? Colten and Josh. This could be a loooong quarter...
  5. We got new seats in science! And, randomly, Aspen and i got seated together!!!!! Yay!!
  6. Heh. I didn't give Ms. Harbert any writing. Heh heh heh. I think she's really actually ticked off behind that smile. "Oh i'm so happy to see you, Steph!" ugh.
  7. I made those 'don't smoke' pictures for health. (click them to enlarge)
  8. Heh. Oops. Josh found out about my blog but doesn't have the address. Which is good.
  9. Caleb and I ate a chocolate-syrup covered donut in under fourty seconds at youth group. The Los Locos Piquenos were compeating against Zeo again for the Trophy of Greatness.
  10. I'm not handing in my headliner poem to my language arts teacher!! I don't know how i'm gonna manage this. But i will. I got a C on my work habits in LA. A pishing C!!!! (pish = pish-posh. It's just shorter and more fun to say. Just like 'nyurg' and 'fnick'.
  11. I finished Alex Rider #4: Eagle Strike and want the next one like heck.
  12. LIKE HECK!!!!!

So. Hello there. I seem to have some blog veiwers. (yay!)

It'd be really uber creepy if some of my enemies got my blog address and read it...and then told people about it. Wouldn't it?