Wednesday, July 30, 2008




Okay. So we moved in and it took forever. Like, i don't mean it took forever for the moving peoples to move our junk in, but we just...GOT A LOT OF JUNK!


HEY! One of the movers was named Seth! Kawinkidink.

But now, i'm kinda off-duty because i'm camping with my mom's side of the family (most of the grapes in this bunch are not sour. Dad's side is like raisins. RAISINS I TELL YOU! But not everyone on Dad's side is sour :D)
We went mini-golfing today and yesterday. Yesterday we kept score and followed rules. Today, it was a total free-for-all...
*i'm bwuthing muh tith*
Augh, minty.
...and we took a three-hour twenty-minute hike. Dad said it'd be twenty minutes.
And there were misquitos, and i didn't get bit, and there was the sun, and i didn't get burned. Did you know if you feel your stomach after/when-you-are exersizing and it's cold, your burning fat? I didn't. It was painful.
And then we played Empire. It's really fun. You should Google it. <== (link)
When you choke Julia in any form, she makes this really funny sound that's like, i dunno, Baby Huey getting choked by a snake.

Hey, did anyone check out my other blog?


This makes me mad because i'm addicted to The Sims 2. It's not even funny.
And it kills me to write by hand. Uh!

Blaaaahgottago. It's 10:47 and i don't wanna be a zombie tomorrow.

Monday, July 21, 2008

So the Day has Finally Come

We are moving today.

Kinda weird after living in one place for 12 years, right? So my room's all packed up and bare and it's really sad.
;'() oooohhhh!

Okay. I have a new blog for writing bits.
I don't know how often I'll post because of moving (we're gonna have to leave the computer over here for awhile, and take showers here :(

And there's, like, vermin everywhere. We bought, like, fifteen mouse traps and ten poison 'feeders' (i snicker at that all the time), and i had to set three in the basement and saw a big fat beetle the size of a quarter crawling on the floor chasing some black disgusting insect.
ew! ew!! Ew!! Ew! EW! EWWW!!!!
*shutter* *shutter* *shutter* *SHUTTER*

So I'll post again when we're moved in and come back over to clean 'The House in the Nude'.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We're moving on Monday!! Gaaah!!!

*runs down the hall screaming*

Hey, Ruby's here. Say 'hi', Ruby:


There you go.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Isn't it funny that nobody posts during the summer? I guess it's because everybody's so sidetracked. I mean, I'm at the library posting this, and we're going to a candy factory next. So...full day!

I am writing more, so if you want me to post them, i'll put a pole on so you can vote.
I got a new e-mail, so if you know my cell number (most of you don't) then ask me for it.

Ruby's gonna come stay with me for a week!! :D it makes me so excited.

I went to VBS. Did anyone else get Power Lab as their theme? It was so fun. I got this awesome shirt with Fizz on it saying "Aha!".
I don't think that i'll wear that to school.

Kristen went to Oaxaca, Meh-hi-co for a missions trip. She's gonna go teach the little Mexican kids English! Go kristen!

Nuh nuh nuh nyarg...

Anyone do fireworks? Kristina and Carli and a bunch of our other neighbors just sat in the cul-de-sac setting them off then played pyro with the trash and leftover bottle rockets.
It was awesome.

Then i played the Sims 2 for six hours straight on a ninja family. They have two and a half (pregnant) kids named Kyoko, Matsuko, and Toshihiro. (two girls and a unborn boy).

My brother is getting all obsessed over Supermac18 on YouTube. It's creepy.