Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Reason...

This is the reason that "Everyone Like Me" by TFK reminds me of Maximum Ride. Every time.

And if you've never seen this video, man you're missing out.

The Geese and England (and some Corr)

Okay, today we were in health class learning about the 'Miracle of Life' when Mr. Corr realized that there was a big flock of geese on the soccer field. Last week he was joking about sending a kid after them someday and just freaking them out.

Well today, Andrew England (short, blond-haired, blue-eyed kid with freckles) was more hyper than usual.

Mr. Corr's like, "Oh, look, there's a big flock of geese on the soccer field. Oh...God, I should send some kid out there an be like BLEH! on them," he says, spreading his arms like a monster at the 'blah' part. "Heh heh heh."

Andrew's like, "AH! CAN I GO AFTER THEM? PLEASE? I've had a brownie and three tick-tacks, can I go scare them?! Please, Corr?!"

Mr. Corr looks at us for a second and says in a hushed voice. "Okay, this is what we're gonna do. Roakker, you hold go with England and let him back in."

So Andrew and Roakker take off towards the athletic doors and the rest of the class watches from the window as little Andrew England runs out and goes straight through the flock and it spreads like the Red Sea. And we laugh like crazy when the whole flock freaks out and flies away.

Priceless. Priceless.
Mr. Corr said that you can grow human ears on the back of mice (like on Fang's blog) and put them on burn victims! Ew! But so cool! There's this guy in my Karate who's missing an ear due to a fire. It used to be gross, but now it's okay 'cause I've known him for a while.
Question: Seth + Jenn?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Nothing Better.

So yesterday, Kristen and I were really bored, so we grabbed a bunch of stuff for tea and made some while watching Phantom of the Opera in the basement kitchen. It was sweet. And then we decided we wanted to make some potato chips, so we brought down a bunch of crap downstairs to fry potatoes and the were addicting. You have no idea how good homemade fried stuff is. YUM!!

Wow. My brother is so fifth grader. He's in the other room watching videos about daschounds on YouTube. Weird. Oh-kay.

Then I stayed up till one-thirty reading Fanfiction. Fun, fun, fun! And I got up at twelve today and read more Fanfiction, then went and got my hairs cut (because they don't just cut one hair. duh). And then my sister wanted to go look at CCU (Colorado Christian University) because she was thinking about going to school there after high school. It's a pretty cool campus. Small. Tidy. Just don't leave your socks laying around and you're golden. XD

And now I'm getting some crap about writing something about bombs on Seth's blog when I said that none of this was real! It's all in a novel I'm writing! Seth doesn't exist, people! Get the picture? Here's a link if you have no idea what i'm talking about.

And sorry about not writing more Fanfiction. I'm having writer's block!



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Okay, What the Crap?

What's this? I spend, like, forever typing out a chapter and I get TWO COMMENTS. TWO COMMENTS. Really, people?

The Other Half of Chapter 11 of My Fanfiction

Noooo!!! Obama's President!!! I'm gonna cryyyy!!!! *bawls*

But I found my jump drive in my Dad's car. No idea how it got there...but yeah.



It was snowing and it was pretty cold. Mom made us all put on coats and take flashlights to go look for him. Angel stayed close to me and held my hand as we swept yet another street with flashlights calling out Total’s name. Angel started to cry, so Fang picked her up and held her as we kept searching.
The bad thing about Total being a talking dog is that we can’t just go to the Dumb Friends League and pick up a beagle. No. We have to get Total back. And if he dies, it will feel like a flock member dying.
“Fang? Maybe we should go in and call it a day,” I suggested, shivering.
Angel had fallen asleep over his shoulder with her face pressed into his neck. His neck was frosted over a bit from where he’d been crying on him.
“Maybe,” was all Fang said.
Just then, we heard the Gasman screech, “Total!”
Iggy with Ella, and Nudge ran over to where his voice was heard. Fang looked at me and hugged Angel closer, and we walked over too.
Before we reached it, Iggy turned back to us with a little frozen heap of black fur. I whimpered. “He’s not breathing, but he might have a chance because he’s frozen,” Iggy said. “Let’s get him back to your mom, Max.”
We all quickened our pace and headed back to the house.

“Mom? Mom!?” Ella yelled into the house. “We found him, but I—we think he’s dead.”
Dr. Martinez ran and grabbed her stuff. “Get him on the kitchen table on a clean towel,” she instructed, “I need to get something.”
Iggy set him on the table. Angel was awake now, and she sat at one of the chairs stroking his ice-crusted fur. “It’s gonna be okay, Total,” she told him.
I don’t know where my mother got electric paddles, but she brought them in. “Someone start chest compressions on him, try and get his heart started,” she instructed, hooking up the electrical cords.
“Oh, God,” Nudge moaned as Iggy started pressing his hands on the dog’s chest and leaning in and off.
“No change,” he said, when he stopped and listened to the Total’s heart.
Clear,” Dr. Martinez said, coming for him with the paddles and pressing them down.
Total flopped limply on the table as electricity overwhelmed his body.
No change.
Dr. Martinez tried again. “Clear.”
No change. Angel’s mouth curved down severely, threatening another outburst of tears. I gathered her in my arms and she wept into my chest.

Monday, January 19, 2009



Okay. Sorry, i'm just really, really happy i didn't just loose all my writing. *whew*

So, um, new chapter on my writing blog! Here's the Link. You didn't know I had a writing blog? Wow. Unobservant much? Hahaha. Just kidding.

Oh, and I can't stress how important it is to comment because it makes me feel special and all warm and fuzzy.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


I think I lost my jump drive. At the movie theatre. Like, yesterday, Steve and Caleb called me and asked if Kristen and I wanted to go to the movies with them because they were bored, so we went and saw Yes Man at 3:30. We got our Icees and sat down, and I think my drive was in my pocket and fell out.


I am SOOO mad.

But then the funny part about going with them was that they thought we had a ride, so when we went to the bathroom, they started walking back to Steve's house, so when we got out, they were gone. So Kristen and I thought they might be in the bathroom, so we sat at a bench and waited.

...and waited.

...and waited.

and they eventually didn't show up so we called Steve's mom to see if she had Caleb's cell phone number (because I don't have it) and she asked if we needed a ride to her house ('cause that's where we were originally planning). So we said we did, and she came to pick us up right as Dad called back (we'd called him a million times), and he told us he was picking. us. up.
and he sounded really scary, too.

But apparently Caleb and Steve got yelled at by Steve's mom because she's really protective of girls (and especially us because she's known us since we were little and she has three sons). It was all really sad.

but so, so, funny.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Link One : Gazelle Status...FAIL
Link Two : Gazelle Status...FAIL.
Link Three: Gazelle status...FAIL. <==this one's the best!


And then there's: Link Four, where the Gazelle does not fail!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, so I'm at school, and I really shouldn't be on here, but who cares? We should be working on "The Amazing Adventures of Squidgemous Nomenclature" but I really can't do anything unless Ginny finishes her part.
So I just took the extra laptop and I'm sitting in the back of the science room goofing off [in my mind] and doing nothing productive.

Hey, but i look like I am! I keep pulling up the document from the dock every time she circles around.

It's pretty funny and I'm so getting in huge trouble if she catches me because she is EVIL. Almost as bad as Anne Walker. Almost.

So i'm thinking about just writing more Fanfiction as I'm waiting here doing evil and trying to stay out of trouble. And Ginny's sitting next to me on her laptop writing--HEY, GINNY GET TO WORK! She's actually reading my fanfiction.

So yeah. Ug! 40 minutes until lunch! I am going to DIE.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter 11

Ug. My back hurts so bad today. And it did yesterday too. And the day before. And the day before.

Huh. I guess we could say my back SUCKS. I HATE MY BAAACK!!! I can't even do Karate this month because it hurts to stand up. Okay, hands up if you think i'm a cripple? Huh. Wow.

And sorry I haven't been posting. A girl has homework, you know? I had to do my book response thing, and i didn't sticky note my book, so kinda sucky. But i'm done with it now. *claps hands*


Okay, so poll results:

Max have a baby? It was close. 52% said yes, 48% said no. I figured i'd post it as a seperate story.

Number? 31% said twins, 52% said one, and 15% said triplets (NOT GONNA HAPPEN)

Name? Falcon: 10%, Spade: 26%, Nick: 21%, Hawk: 10%, Spade Falcon: 21%, Nick Spade: 10%. So we're going with Spade. Or Spade Falcon.



“Okay, all of you sit,” Max’s mom ordered, sounding utterly ticked off.
We all sat down on the opposite side of the table obediently. I slouched and crossed my arms over my black sweatshirt.
Dr. Martinez paced the area behind the table. “What do you boys think you’re doing? This is ridicules! Especially you, Iggy. I expected more out of you! Now you’re trying to seduce my thirteen-year-old daughter into doing the wrong things?” she paused angrily. “I mean, what is your problem?”
Iggy looked a bit shocked. “Well, um…see, she had a boyfriend, or so she told us, and so I didn’t think you would mind this sort of thing…”
“Mind?” Dr. Martinez hissed, “MIND?”
I was kinda angry now. “Doc!” I barked. “Calm down! It was just a kiss. Come on! It’s not like we were doing…,” I paused awkwardly, “…something else.”
We were silent for awhile before the Gasman finally spoke up and said, “Something else?”
I looked at Dr. Martinez and she looked at the Gasman. “Gazzy, I think it’s time you learned about something…”
Oh, God, here it comes, I thought, tuning out. I focused on the conversation of the girls in the living room, from what I could hear over Gazzy’s lurching and Dr. Martinez’s droning on about the ‘Miracle of Life’. I knew it was over when the Gasman was groaning and freaking out yelling, “Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. GOD. EW!”
Is there anything that nine-year-old boys do not find gross?
“Fang, Iggy,” Max’s mom got our attention by snapping her fingers loudly at us. “Please understand me when I say I do not want any grandchildren any time soon.”
We nodded.
OH MY GOD EEE-YEEEWWW!!” Gazzy was still moaning and yelling and carrying on.
Iggy stood up and started walking out of the room, running into an eavesdropping Nudge. “I WAS NOT LISTENING TO THAT CONVERSATION!” she claimed a little too loudly.
I got up and took her hand to help her to her feet. “Oh, we all believe you. C’mon, Nudge, go see Ella.”
She pouted. “I am not a dog.”
Angel walked up. “Speaking of which, have you guys seen Total anywhere? I can’t find him and I’m not picking up signals.”
I looked at her blue teary eyes. “I’m sorry, Ange, I haven’t seen him,” I said. “Did you ask Max?”
Wow. I hadn’t seen Total all day. Most of yesterday either. Not that I pay much attention to him anyway.
Angel shook her head woefully. “Yeah, she hasn’t seen him either. I’m afraid he went exploring and go hit by a—” she started to cry.
Iggy took the lead. “It’s okay, Ange, we’ll find him. You wanna come with me? I’ll help you look.”
Just then Max walked into the room pulling on a bright blue jacket. “We’ll all go.”
Angel hugged Iggy tightly and wept into his neck. “I’m so worried.”
“It’s gonna be okay,” he said soothingly, patting her back. “It’s gonna be okay.”


so, um yeah.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ooohhh...The Talk!

Iggy watched Fang’s expression, starting to smile and then quirking into a full blown grin as a great idea crossed his sightless eyes.
I sank lower into the couch, trying to disappear. Please don’t make me kiss him in front of everyone, I begged silently.
“Truth or Dare?” Iggy asked seriously.
Fang watched him wearily, and I could tell he was totally freaking out inside his head by the set of his jaw. He looked at me and I bugged my eyes out at him as if to scream, “Truuuth!”
“Dare,” Fang said.
Oh, God, he read my expression wrong. But then he sent a side glance my way that said that he meant to do that.
Fang, you’re freaking me out.
“That is an eeevil smile, Ig,” I said unsteadily.
“Okay, you have your choice of either kissing Max or asking her on a date, what’ll it be?” Iggy said.
“Can’t I do both?” Fang asked, playing along, adding to my embarrassment.
Iggy thought about this. “Hm…well, I guess if you want.”
I gave Fang a kiss-me-and-you’re-dead look. I would kill him. There is NO WAY he was going to—
But then his head swooped in as his arms wrapped around me. His mouth crushed mine. But I couldn’t help it, I kissed him back.
“Fang?” I vaguely heard Iggy ask. “Get to the point.”
He didn’t stop. His head angled to kiss me deeper.
He quickly drew back and wiped his mouth, “My what?” he asked, looking down and checking himself over to make sure he hadn’t forgotten to put something important on, like jeans.
Gazzy smiled. “Your skin.”
Fang looked over at me kind of embarrassed. Only Fang never gets embarrassed.
“You just got too carried away,” Nudge explained, “It was gross. Never do that in front of me again! GROSS.”
I smiled at Fang sheepishly and then looked at Nudge. “Nudgie, there will be a time when you think differently you’ll see nothing wrong with making out with some guy in front of all of us.”
She looked appalled. “Will not.”
Ella nodded her head. “Neither will I.”
Iggy turned his head to face them. “Will too.”
“Will not,” Ella countered, standing him up.
“Will too,” Iggy said, leaned over and kissed her on the lips, hard.
“Ooohhh…” Gazzy whooped, throwing his fist in the air. “Yeah…”
Just then, Dr. Martinez walked into the room and saw her daughter kissing Ig in the middle of the living room, and did not look too happy. Of course they were a little too preoccupied, so neither one of them noticed. “IGGY! ELLA!” the Dr. Martinez shouted.
They broke apart quickly, startled. “Oh, uh, um, hi, Doc…” he sputtered uncomfortably. “Think the game’s over, guys,” he told us.
But Mom was still pretty mad. “Okay. I want all the males in the dining room now. That means you, too, Gazzy.”
He made a face. “But I wasn’t kissing anyone!”
“You need to hear it all the same,” she rolled her eyes angrily.
The guys all filed out of the room. I sent Fang a sympathetic glance.
“What’s going on?” Nudge asked curiously.
I smiled a bit. “The Talk.”

Monday, January 12, 2009


Okay, this note is from Nano:

Steph! So sorry, tell everyone I'm studing for finals. (Dreaded f-word!) Can't post until after finals in two weeks, parents are monitoring me blog, can't post there. They don't read those I've linked to, so just let everyone know, k? Thanks girl! You rock! (I'll read up on everyone's blogs when I'm legally back on, k?)

Get it? Got it? Good.

Okay, cool, peoples! Peace out!

Neener Neener

“OH MY GOSH, YEAH!” Ella screeched.
“What?” I asked, touching my head as I walked into the room.
She and Nudge were sitting on the couch just chattering on and on like two girls. Or two Nudges.
But Nudge was jumping up and down in her seat. “Truth or Dare!” she exclaimed.
“Oh, God,” Fang groaned, coming up behind me. I jumped.
“Oh, come on, Max! It’ll be so much fun!” Ella wined.
I sent an annoyed glance at Fang.
“Truth or Dare?!” Gazzy and Angel walked into the room. “Oh, Max, you should play too,” Angel said, shaking my sleeve.
“Wait, what?” Iggy asked, walking into the room.
“Truth or Dare,” I said.
Iggy gave a half grin. “Well, this should be amusing,” he said with a straight face, and went to sit on the couch beside Ella.
Fang and I took a couch for ourselves. He did his best to not touch me and encourage teasing. The Gasman, Angel, Nudge and Total sat on the other couch. Dr. Martinez was not in sight.
Ella twitched. “May I go first?”
“Sure,” I said, looking at her curiously.
She smiled, and I saw how much she looked like our mother. I looked more like Jeb, as my luck would have it. But, hey, he isn’t that bad looking anyway.
“Angel, Truth or Dare?” Ella asked.
“Dare,” Angel said, knowing what Ella had in mind.
Ella tapped her lips happily with her fingers. “Read Fang’s mind.’
Angel looked at Fang’s alarmed eyes. She smiled evilly. “Fang was just thinking, as he was staring off into space, that he thinks that someone’s probably gonna dare him to kiss Max, and how he’s sooo gonna kill me after this,” she finished, smiling.
Fang scowled. “Ella, Truth or Dare?”
“Truth,” she said, obviously not afraid, and avoiding the oh-so-dangerous Dare.
Fang thought. I guessed he had had a dare in mind. “Oh…who do you like?” he asked.
Ella blushed and Angel giggled. “She doesn’t want to say,” Angel explained.
“Oh, come on, Ella,” Nudge laughed, “Remember, it’s for the fun of it.”
Ella looked down. “Iggy,” she muttered, shaking her head and avoiding his eyes.
Fang smirked. “Sorry, I can’t hear you, maybe a little louder?”
Iggy,” she said, shrill.
A different kind of expression crossed Iggy’s face. Ella looked up and into his face, but he couldn’t see her. “I like you too,” he said.
“You what?” Ella staggered, astonished.
Fang laughed, “Iggy shared this piece of info with me earlier,” he whispered to me.
I laughed.
Ella was still flushed. “Nudge, Truth or Dare?” she mumbled.
Nudge thought. “Hmm…” she debated, “Dare,” she ended slowly, a questioning look on her face.
“I dare you to get a box of raisins and put some raisins between your toes and walk around!” she said with a straight expression.
Nudge burst out laughing and hopped up from her spot and ran into the kitchen, flinging open the cabinet and grabbing a box of raisins. “Hold on, hold on,” she muttered, opening it and sticking each one between her toes.
When she finished everyone but Fang was laughing really hard. He just had a wide smile spread across his angular face. Nudge got up and did a dance, and a few pieces of dried fruit out between their hiding places. One landed in Gazzy’s face, and he totally freaked out.
“EW! EW! EW! EW! EW!” he screeched, slapping his hands over his face repeatedly before finally stopping. “Gross.”
Angel had fallen over on the couch laughing and holding her stomach. “It’s too much! It’s too much!” she gasped.
When the thunder cleared, Nudge asked me, “Truth or Dare, Max?”
“Truth,” I said quickly, knowing what she would ask me.
She pouted. “Okay, what was your most embarrassing moment?”
I flushed furiously, glancing over at Fang, who was grinning at me like an idiot. I smiled at him and said, “When I got my chip removed and I told Fang I loved him.”
Fang spoke up. “Oh, no, no, no. You didn’t say just that. How much, Max? How much?”
I made a face at him. “I already answered my question,” I said snidely. “Gazzy, Truth or Dare?”
“I dare you to go get some tidy-whities from your room and put them on your head and keep them there for the rest of the game,” I laughed to myself.
Gazzy’s eyebrows furrowed. “How do you know I have tidy-whities?”
I tapped my lips. “Let’s just say you need a belt.”
He glowered and went to his room and got a clean pair of briefs and put them on his head. I burst out laughing with tears in my eyes at his expression. It was like, ‘I hate you’ mixed with ‘you suck’.
But he obediently sat down and looked at Iggy. “Truth or Dare, Ig?”
“Dare,” he said. Bring. It. On.
Oh, dear. I just knew where he was going with this.
“What color are Ella’s cheeks?” Gazzy asked.
Ella flushed involuntarily. Iggy got up and touched her face. “Pink.”
“Okay,” I said, “Moving on?”
Iggy pulled away and sat back down on his couch.
“I…think we’re done here,” Fang said, starting to get up from the couch.
Iggy stopped him, shoving him back down into a sitting position. “I still haven’t asked you your question, kid.”Fang scowled.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Okay, So What I Did Today.

  1. Wake up and feel sick
  2. Convince my mom I needed to stay home
  3. Went back to bed and slept for four hours
  4. Woke up and got on the computer and typed
  5. Ate two mini muffins and eucanasia tablets with a cup of milk
  6. Played on the Sims 2
  7. Read 'Speak'
  8. Played on the Sims 2
  9. Ate some soup
  10. Played more Sims 2
  11. Edited my iTunes thing
  12. Wrote more
  13. Blogged more


Bleah, i'm still sick. I know I missed a lot today, but it's good i didn't come because i'd be sneezing my brains out, snot flying everywhere, all over Elbow-Kid, all over Newman, and getting bloody noses every time I blew, and then bleeding on Kristina, who would then puke. Not to mention croaking whenever I tried to speak to a teacher!

Well, i guess then i could run up to Gardella and cough on him...huh.


Eeee!” I heard Nudge squeal from the door.
Fang and I had both fallen asleep on the bed over the covers. Fang was behind me with on arm across my waist and one across my shoulders, and I was facing the door. I was so warm and content I wasn’t concerned.
Fang and I were together. That’s all that mattered.
Angel, it happened!” she ran down the hall, yelling all the way.
Fang woke up and kissed my cheek, holding me closer to him. “Morning, Max,” he whispered into my ear.
I smiled, and flipped myself around in his arms so my head was rested on his chest. I breathed in his scent. “Morning.”
He looked down at me and smiled. “It’s a good one isn’t it?”
I flushed.
Then Angel and Nudge skidded to a halt at the open door. “IT DID!” Angel practically yelled.
Fang unwound one of his arms from around me and layed back on the bed with one still on my waist. “What did?” he yawned.
Nudge just giggled. “Are you gonna have babies?” she asked innocently.
Oh, that.
I groaned. “Wow, Nudge. Awkward question, much?” I asked, now a bit irritated.
“Fang just thought ‘yes’,” Angel said matter-of-factly.
I looked up at him and he flushed and shrugged. “Well, eventually, right? Kinda weird to think about now, though.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Yeah. Hey, I’m hungry.”
I sat up and pulled Fang with me off the bed.

“Oh, my God, pancakes?!” I groaned happily.
“Yep,” Dr. Martinez said from the stove. “And sausage.”
I smiled and looked at Fang, who smirked at me.
Iggy and the Gasman were already at the table, Gazzy with his fork and knife upright. I shook my head and he put them down.
Fang and I sat down across from each other, and Angel and Nudge sat down across from Iggy and Gazzy.
Guuuess…what?” Nudge began.
I looked at Fang and he grinned.
Iggy turned his head in her general direction, sighing. “Let’s have it out.”
She grinned. “It happened.”
Iggy’s face was astonished. “It did not!” he yelled unbelievingly. He turned to me and Fang. “Did it? Oh, God.”
“Well, that part didn’t exactly happen, but the other part did!”
“Oh, God,” he repeated.
The Gasman looked annoyed. “What did? How come I didn’t hear about this? Iggy? Iggy!?” he tugged on Iggy’s shirt.
“Fax happened.”
I laughed.
His annoyance turned to confusion. “Fax? What?”
Nudge put her hands on the table as if to lay out the facts. “Gazzy, you see, when there’s a ‘Max’ plus a ‘Fang’, you get ‘Fax’. Make sense?”
The Gasman’s face composed. “Oh…I see. Fax,” he said. “Wait…”
He looked at Fang and I. “Ew.”
OKAY,” I said loudly, “Let’s talk about something else, okay?”
Everyone just laughed at me. Fang reached across the table and patted my head. “Thank you,” I growled.
Iggy leaned back in his chair. “Oh, who would have thought that the Incredible, Invincible Max would fall in love?”
Fang chuckled once.
Nudge laughed. “Or the Silent, Emotionless Fang would find his heart?”
I laughed.
The Angel and the Gasman were grinned like idiots.
I groaned. “Mom? Is the food ready yet? I’m starved.”
The table erupted again and I had to hold my stomach in order to not laugh my guts out.

Bleah. Sick.

Okay, I had planned not to get sick at any time this year, but it seems reality has caught up to me. I think I have a really bad cold. But, hey, a cold is worth it every time I get to stay home from school.
But i'm still sick.
I blame Caleb.

So Kristina and I did end up getting 3D art for second semester, but Michael got Drama with Alto. I feel sooo sorry for him.
Oh, an guess what? He's sick too! Hm...or maybe he's at school. Maybe I'll text him.
I hope his phone's on vibrate.

One Wednesday he checked my blog in math class on his phone while the rest of us just sat around giggling like idiots. Then Leave_Me_Alone started shouting "CAP'N FALCON!" when Ginny started yelling "DO NOT LET MAX HAVE A BABY!"
It. Was. Hilarious. I love having math with them! Makes everything so much more interesting. :D

Ug, my throat hurts! Wow, and I'm hungry.

Before I go, I just want to say two things:

1. Ginny, Max is going to have a baby. It doesn't really matter what you think at this point.

2. Leave_Me_Alone, I crack up every time you post "CAP'N FALCON!" on my comments! Every time.


(P.S. And here's the rest of that fanfiction thingy i didn't finish.

Of course, that didn’t keep Fang out of my room anyway. He came in at around 11:24 pm, and we sat on the bed an just talked.
It may surprise you that he does talk sometimes, but yeah. He and I have always been able to talk about just stuff in general.
But tonight was different. I guess you could say that he’s been getting a little more…comfortable with me lately.
“Don’t you ever just wish you could just…get away from it all?” he asked quietly after we’d been talking for an hour and a half.
I lay back on my bed. “Yes,” I breathed. More than anything, actually.
“What if, you and me, just got away…together?” he said.
I froze. “And leave the Flock?”
He looked at me rationally. “They’re in good hands. Actually, we couldn’t put them in better hands.”
I rolled my eyes. “Except our own.”
He laughed, “Obviously.”
I flushed as he smiled at me.
He lay back on the bed beside me. We stared at the ceiling.
“Do you ever think about the future?” Fang asked, rolling on his side so that he could look at me and watch my facial expressions as one bloomed into another.
I rolled to face him. “Yeah, all the time,” I answered. “Like what are we going to do with ourselves? We can’t keep running around as a gang.”
Fang thought. “Maybe rent an apartment building,” he said, grinning.
I laughed. “‘And here we have the Avian complex…’” I said in a tourist guide voice, motioning as if I was showing off a museum exhibit.
We both laughed together.
He got really serious. “We’ll probably split up and go our separate ways.”
It was quiet. I fingered the stitching on the comforter layed out on my bed. “I don’t want to split up,” I said quietly, and looked at Fang in the eyes. “I mean, if all of us did end up that way, I wouldn’t want…” I stopped.
“…us to split up,” he finished in a whisper. “Max?” he asked softly.
“Yes?” I answered, heart beating in my throat.
His hand covered mine. Our fingers intertwined.
“When I think about myself in that life, when we’ve all gone our separate ways,” he whispered. “There is only one thing that I can think of…that would make me happy.”
His eyes were pleading. “I love you, Max. Promise me you’ll stay…with me.”
I could feel tears in my eyes. “Yes.”
And then his lips were on mine. I could taste the tears on his face, but he was smiling.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Of course, that didn’t keep Fang out of my room anyway. He came in at around 11:24 pm, and we sat on the bed an just talked.
It may surprise you that he does talk sometimes, but yeah. He and I have always been able to talk about just stuff in general.
But tonight was different. I guess you could say that he’s been getting a little more…comfortable with me lately.
“Don’t you ever just wish you could just…get away from it all?” he asked quietly after we’d been talking for an hour and a half.
I lay back on my bed. “Yes,” I breathed. More than anything, actually.
“What if, you and me, just got away…together?” he said.
I froze. “And leave the Flock?”
He looked at me rationally. “They’re in good hands. Actually, we couldn’t put them in better hands.”
I rolled my eyes. “Except our own.”
He laughed, “Obviously.”I flushed as he smiled at me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Duh, Nuh, Nuh, NUUUUUUH.

SOMEONE STOLE MY JACKET. I'M NOT EVEN FRICKING KIDDING, SOMEONE STOLE MY JACKET. It was in my classrom with my backpack. I was not wearing it all day, and all the sudden it's not there. I am sooo beating up the kid that stole it.


Ella was almost as happy as Total to see us. All of six of us sprawled over the living room furniture while she babbled on with Nudge about things like her new boyfriend had gone out to the movies the other night and how he’d held her hand the whole time.
“It as all so…” she sighed, “…romantic,” putting her chin in her clasped hands and looking at the ceiling dreamily. “He’s almost as cute…” sigh, “…as Iggy.”
Fang and I laughed with Gazzy and Nudge while Iggy turned a shade pinker. Angel grinned, reading his thoughts as she cradled Total in her arms.
“Look, I love you, honey, but I am not a doll,” Total said, licking her arm. She hugged him tighter and I swear his eyes bugged out of his head a little. He made a ‘guhg!’, strangled kind of noise.
Ella snapped out of whatever strange trance she was in and looked at me and Fang. “So how are you two doing?”
I took a turn making a strangled noise while Fang remained unbelievable impassive. “Same as always,” Fang said. “You know, saving the world one evil scientist at a time.”
They totally kissed during Truth or Dare last week!” gushed Nudge without thinking.
Nudge!” Fang and I yelled at the same time.
She covered her mouth immediately. “Ohmygosh, I am sooo sorry, Max.”
This ain’t no ordinary, this ain’t no ordinary love, this ain’t no ordinary,” Gazzy rapped in tobyMac’s voice.
Fang and I groaned while most of the others laughed.
Dr. Martinez walked into the room to save us. No, that’s just how I saw it. “Dinner!” she said.
Thank you, I thought, getting an amused look from a listening Angel.

Dinner was full of exciting (well, exciting for the Martinez’s) stories of us kicking Eraser butt. Most of us were quiet while Nudge babbled on about random things like how we always order way too much at fast food places.
“…and I always get those apple pies every time, you know? And I get, like, six of them, right?Ohmygosh they are sooo good. And, like, those milkshakes at Chick-fil-a? They are amazing! Do you guys ever go to Chick-fil-a? No, do you guys even have one? Why ever not?? They’re all over Colorado! Mm! I love their–”
Nudge…” the Gasman complained touching his head. “My ears are bleeding.”
Angel and Ella laughed, mouths full of spaghetti. Nudge scowled.
“What? I’m just explaining stuff!” she said oh-so reasonably, taking a bite of her food.
Iggy stood up with his plate. “I’m done,” he announced. “I’m actually really tired, where’s the sink?”
Dr. Martinez looked up from her plate. “Over on the right about three steps.”
Wow. She could really give blind-kid directions. Most people are just like ‘oh, kinda on that side, you know?’.
“Thanks,” Iggy said, walking three paces and feeling with his free hand the granite counter, and then the sink. He set his bowl carefully down on top of the other dishes in sink.
I stood up next, and then Fang, and we both emptied the contents of our bowls into the trashcan and set our dishes in the sink as well.
“Um…were are we sleeping?” I asked, looking at my mother.
Haha, my mother.
Dr. Martinez got up and put her dishes away after us. “Here, I’ll show you guys. Come with me.”
Angel piped up from the table as we left. “Don’t let Max and Fang share a room!” she yelled.
“Thank you, Angel,” I said, turning the corner.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ah, Haha. More Fanfiction. SCHOOL STARTED! NUUUH!!!

Waaah! School started back up and I am mad. But Colten moved away, away, away, and I shall never see him again. That kinda brightened up my day a bit. :D

And watching Michael throw a fit over Alto being in his Drama class was pretty funny.


“Fang! There it is, lets land,” I said ecstatically, shifting in his arms with short, jerky movements.
This of course had the opposite effect, and Fang just studied my face worriedly. “Is this another brain attack, Max?”
“Nooo…Fang the house is right there. Land, dang it!” I pleaded.
He smiled at me as only Fang can smile, and I had to look away as my face flushed.
“C’mon, guys, Martinez’s at ten-o-clock!” Fang shouted to the rest of the gang.
“Sure thing,” Iggy answered, then quieter, “Gazz, wrap it up.”
I peered over Fang’s shoulder. “Are you guys making bombs?” I asked offhandedly.
“NO,” the Gasman and Iggy answered at the same time a little too quickly.
But I couldn’t deny that those bombs had saved our butts over a dozen times, so I didn’t say anything more, letting the boys think I believed them.
Fang started to dip, and then pulled his dark wings in a bit, end feathers bending backward slightly to gain control of his flight. We started going towards the ground really fast, and then Fang put his feet out to catch himself before he did a face plant, like all of us had done at one point before.
And then we were on the dark black asphalt in front of my mother and sister’s house. My real mother. My real sister. The thought made me smile every time I thought about it.
Fang didn’t put me down.
Then the rest of the Flock was around us. “Let’s roll,” I said, attempting to wriggle myself out of Fang’s iron grasp. Which of course didn’t work.
“Put. Me. Down,” I growled.
Fang smiled at me again. “Nope,” he said, and started carrying me towards the front door. “C’mon, guys,” he said firmly.
We all started walking, well except me, towards the house in total silence. As we got closer I heard the TV murmuring mechanically, “…you’d have to take all these vitamins in the morning to stay healthy. Now you don’t have to! Just eat Total®! A breakfast cereal so–”
“Total!” Angel exclaimed from behind Fang.
Wow. I thought he was abducted?


“Max, where’d Total go?” Angel tugged at the hem of my shirt.
I looked down at her. “I dunno, where’d you leave him?”
Then I noticed she was in tears. Oh.
“No, Max, where’s Total? I can’t find him anywhere! I can’t even find his…mind,” she asked again, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.
Oh, God.
My head whipped around. “Fang! U and A! Grab Angel!”
Fang spun towards the general direction of my voice. His eyes widened. “MAX!” he shouted.
Then I felt the warm breath of Ari II on my neck. “Hello, Maximum.”

End Flashback.

The doorbell rang, and the door opened.
“Max!” Ella exclaimed, smiling.
Fang put me down slowly.
Her eyes widened. “Mom!” she yelled into the house, “It’s Max!”
Ella ran out and crushed me in a huge bear hug. I winced, Fang gave me a ‘should I be concerned’ kind of look.
‘I’m fine,’ I mouthed unconvincingly.
"Total!" Angel yelled.
Total ran up to her and jumped into her welcoming arms.
"You have no idea how much I miss you!" he wailed.
“It what?” Dr. Martinez disbelievingly. Then she saw me. “Max! And everyone else! Please come in,” she ushered us all through the door with one hand.
“Mom?” Ella asked.
“Not, now, honey,” Dr. Martinez said quickly. “How are you guys?” she asked us.
I looked around at the house, memorizing it as my home. “Fine,” I said.
Fang elbowed me.
Ella shifted her feet. “Mom?” she asked, a little more urgent.
“Not now, Ella,” Dr. Martinez said again.
Ella groaned and rolled her eyes. She turned to Iggy. “What happened to Max?” she asked in a no-nonsense tone, crossing her arms.
Iggy regarded her calmly, looking at her with sightless eyes. “What happened to Max? Oh, yeah. What happened to Max. Um…Ari II took a swipe at her midsection. I stitched it up, she should be fine.”
Dr. Martinez’s eyes were wide by the time he finished talking.
“Wait, let me get this straight. You. Stitched up. Max?” she asked, not believing this. Iggy bit his lip and nodded like it was so normal to stitch your friends up.
Dr. Martinez's eyebrows knit together. "With a needle."
“Uh…yeah," he said. "What else?"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Okaaay! More Fanfiction!

Ug! I just flung ice cream on my chest! Grr!

Okay, i put my fanfiction on, so yeah. i have a link to the right with all my other fanfiction recomendations.


The next day we were back to flying after a hearty Holiday Inn breakfast at the buffet.
Only I still wasn’t allowed to fly.
“So…what direction shall we go now, Max?” Fang asked me a few hours later as he carried me close to his chest bridal-style.
I shifted my body for the ninth time that hour. “North-East,” I said without a second thought. I knew which way to go.
“Max, I’m hungry,” the Gasman said as he flew up to Fang and I.
Iggy groaned, “Oh, I am too, Max. Can we stop?”
I shot Fang a pained look.
“Oh, please?” I begged.
“No, we’ll be there in, like, and hour,” he said.
“FANG I HAVE TO PEEEE!” Nudge yelled from behind us.
He groaned and made a face. I laughed. I don’t think I’d laughed that hard in ages.
Fang looked at me then back at the flock. “Okay, next Wendy’s, up ahead. We’re landing over behind those trees.”
He dipped, and the flock followed him. I was starting to feel a bit air-sick. Flying and being flown are not exactly the same thing, you know?
Well maybe you don’t. Ah-haha.
“You’re pretty good at this,” I told Fang after we landed awkwardly on the ground.
He let me go and pulled a leaf out of my hair. “At what?” he asked, smile playing at his lips.
“Well, if I died, you could totally do a great job taking care of the Flock,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.
Angel walked up to us. “You won’t die,” she said matter-of-factly.
Iggy punched my arm playfully. “Yeah, ‘cause you’re the Invincible Max.”
Of course.
“Let’s go get some food, guys,” I said, and we started walking towards the Wendy’s.

Fang stepped up to order. There was nobody in the Wendy’s but them, so he assumed it was pretty safe. “I’ll have four triple cheeseburgers, one fish sandwich, two large fries, two…hm…number three salads, a large Coke, and five apple pies.”
The cashier smiled. “Feeding a crowd?”
“Yep,” Fang said politely.
“Okay, your total is–”
“We still have more people ordering on me,” Fang interrupted.
Iggy stepped up to bat. “I’ll get the same as him.”

I herded the kids up and ordered for myself. “I’ll have two chicken sandwiches, two triple cheeseburgers, one large fries, two number six salads, and a large Sprite. Thanks!”
The cashier looked shocked.
Nudge emerged from the ladies room.
“Yeah, Max? Oh, right. I’ll have two fish sandwiches, two chicken sandwiches, two double cheeseburgers, two large fries, one large Root-Beer, and six apple pies.”
The cashier’s jaw dropped. “Okay, give me a second to write this down…”
Gazzy looked at Nudge. He smiled to himself. “I’ll get the same as her, except I also want two number four salads and instead of Root-Beer, I’ll have Dr. Pepper.”
“HOLD ON,” the cashier shouted.
“I’ll have three double cheeseburgers, one large fry, a large Coke, and, like, four apple pies,” Angel said, counting off her fingers. She looked at me. “Did I forget something?”
“A salad.”
“Oh! Right!” she turned back to the cashier. “And one chicken ceaser salad.”
The cashier dropped her pen. “Oh. Kay,” she breathed, “That’ll be $146.27.”
I gave her my Max Card.
“That’s a lot of money to spend, miss,” she warned.
“I know. I’ve been through this. Just get us what we ordered, and we’ll be on our merry way,” I growled.

“Aw, man,” the Gasman groaned, “I am sooo full.”
I ate another handful of fries. “Well, ‘full’ means you won’t be hungry any time soon,” I said.
Fang reached across the table and grabbed my soda, taking a sip through the clear plastic straw.
“Fang!” I shrieked, almost flying over the wall of greasy debris that separated one side of the table from the other..
I grabbed it from him and wiped the straw on my shirt. “Ew! Why’d you do that? Now I can’t drink out of it!”
Fang shrugged. “Wanted some Sprite.”
Nudge and Angel giggled while the Gasman and Iggy snickered. Fang got up from his seat. “Here, I’ll get you a new straw,” he said, making his way towards the condiment table.
“No, Fang! Just sit down,” I pleaded.
He laughed and sat back across from me and smiled.
I glowered.
“So are we…” Iggy began when a loud phhhbbbttt! erupted from the corner of the table.
OH MY GOD, GAZZY,” Nudge gagged as she grasped at her throat.
Gazzy was laughing so hard he was in tears, on the verge of falling off his chair. “You…should have…seen…your…faces,” he managed through laughs. He took another shaky breath and actually fell this time.
We all started laughing like crazy. My teary eyes landed on Angel, who eventually laughed so hard Coke started coming out her nose and she fell to the floor with Gazzy.
“Something wrong over there?” a employee called from where she was mopping up a mess.
That just made us burst out laughing again.

Know That You Know

In Focus on the Family's Brio magazine that my sister and I recieve, I found an interesting article on abortion. It was called 'Know That You Know'. It was in the January, 2009 adition.

It's a Christian view on abortion, and answers to arguments that pro-choice'rs always bring up in an argument.

Here it goes, i typed it all up:


It’s hard to articulate your beliefs about abortion when everyone around you buys into the lies of the world. It’s tough…but it’s not impossible!

Article by Susie Shellenberger

Argument 1: Abortion must be legal because women have a “right to privacy”.

Your Response: A recognized right to privacy doesn’t mean that anything goes. What you do in the privacy of your own home, for instance, is wrong if you’re abusing a child, operating a prostitution ring or selling illegal drugs.
Likewise, a woman’s “right to privacy” doesn’t grant her the authority to end the life of a living human being. In this case her preborn child.
Legal abortion assumes that a woman will have to choose between her needs and her baby’s and that doesn’t have to be the case. Placing the child’s right to life in competition with a woman’s right to privacy is a no-win for both mother and child.

Argument 2: The preborn baby is not a living human being. Therefore, abortion is acceptable.

Your Response: Basic biology blows this argument out of the water; A human embryo or fetus is, well…human. A member of the homo sapiens species and the offspring of, well…humans.
No one with a fundamental knowledge of human biology can argue against this with any credibility.
If the baby is not a living human, why does a doctor who’s treating a pregnant woman have two patient? If the preborn are not human, why do 37 states and the federal government have laws charging two counts of murder when a pregnant woman and her baby are killed?

Argument 3: Abortion helps women who face an unexpected or difficult pregnancy.

Your Response: When you think of the situations in which abortion is most frequently considered, you see that abortion ends the pregnancy but doesn’t necessarily solve the underlying problem. Economically disadvantaged women are still economically disadvantaged. A woman who was sexually assaulted still must confront the trauma of that experience. Abortion can also create health and psychological problems that didn’t exist before, including difficulty becoming pregnant again in the future, depression, substance abuse and suicide.

Argument 4: A woman has a right to control her own body. There fore, she can decide to abort a fetus.

Your Response: A baby is not part of a woman’s body. It has it’s own genetic code, blood type and immune system, and half the time, a different gender.

Argument 5: Abortion should be legal because women have a “right to choose”.

Your Response: Abortion advocates created the slogan, “right to choose” to take attention away from what abortion does – destroys a living, growing human life. It’s funny that they never finish the sentence: A woman has the right to choose WHAT? To choose to end the life of her preborn child. All sorts of laws prevent one human from harming another (murder, rape, assault); that’s the basis of a civilized society. Abortion isn’t a civilized response to an unexpected pregnancy.

Argument 6: If abortion is outlawed, women will turn to dangerous illegal abortions as they did before abortion was legalized. So women will die.

Your Response: It might surprise you to know that the number of illegal abortion deaths before legalization in 1973 was exaggerated, and for political reasons. Early abortion advocates admit this was the case. The number of illegal abortion deaths dropped drastically, not with the advent of legal abortion, but with the development of antibiotics.

Argument 7: Even if I’m personally against abortion, it’s wrong for me to impose my views or my morality on someone else who supports abortion.

Your Response: Every law represents someone’s morality. Laws against drowning crying infants represent near-universal standards of morality and civility. The preborn child is a member of the human family and as such deserves a chance to by born and thrive, just like you and me.

Argument 8: Abortion should be allowed when a woman is sexually assaulted. She shouldn’t be forced to live with a reminder of this crime.

Your Response: Yes, rape is a terrible crime and assault, but abortion is also an assault against the woman and her child. How is it just for an innocent child to pay with her life for the crimes of her father?

Argument 9: a preborn chld is merely another part of the woman’s body. Therefore, abortion is acceptable.

Your Response: Again, Basic biology begs to differ: A young human growing in her mother’s womb has a completely unique genetic code and may ave a different blood type. If the human is male, he has a different gender.

Argument 10: The preborn may be a human, but not a “person” with feelings and thoughts. Therefore, abortion is not killing a person.

Your Response: The notion of “person” or person-hood is a philosophical concept. Let’s stick to the hard, cold biological fact that the offspring of humans are humans.

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New post on writing blog!

And Some Mooore...

Just so you know, I'm not posting any more after this if you guys don't start commenting on things. I get the feeling that you guys don't like it.


“No, we’re not going,” Fang said firmly.
Gazzy scowled. “Fang, we’d get to live under a roof where someone cared about us!”
“And Erasers won’t attack us because they’re under the order of Jeb, and Jeb is friends with Dr. Martinez,” Iggy said reasonably, “It’s safe there, Fang.”
Fang was silent. He didn’t want to hurt Max. He’d rather die.
But on the other hand, this is what Max wanted, she was begging him to let them go.
“I dunno,” he said finally, “I just don’t like the idea of us all being held somewhere like some dog in a crate. I mean, Dr. Martinez is great, but can we trust her?”
Iggy rolled his eyes and fell back on the bed. Gazzy cracked his knuckles one by one.
“Come on, guys! Don’t you see my side to this?” Fang nearly yelled.
The room was silent.
“You love Max, don’t you?” Iggy finally said quietly.
Fang was taken aback. “No,” he said too quickly. “Not like that.”
Gazzy sniffed and wiped his nose.
Iggy scowl/smirk-ed. “It’s so obvious, dude. You act like you don’t, then you do anything in your power to protect her. She doesn’t need protecting, Fang.”
She needs my protecting, Fang thought.
"Come on, admit it," Iggy grinned.
Fang was silent.
Gazzy giggled like a girl.
“Okay, okay,” Fang strained. “We can go.”

Friday, January 2, 2009


OKAY!!! So Dad finally found the stupid disk to install Microsoft Office 2000, so we got it working. Yay!

Anyway, so more fanfiction:


I’m glad I took Iggy up on that idea to stay at a hotel. You see, in the woods, I would be freezing. But I’m in a nice bed with thick covers. Not to mention a heater. I’m really pretty warm.
Uh…actually a little too warm.
And why did I feel like I was sleeping next to the heater? I don’t remember one right next to me.
I opened my eyes. I was facing the window, the sun was coming up, and light streamed through.
I rolled over and saw Fang lying next to me on top of the covers, his head on the other pillow. He was wearing his jeans and no t-shirt.
Um, okay?
“Fang?” I whispered.
He didn’t wake up, so I kicked him in the leg.
He groaned. “Ow, what?” he asked irritably, rolling so he faced me.
I eyed him.
“Floor was too hard. Like carpeted concrete. And it smells like cigarette smoke,” he quickly explained, making a face.
“Ah,” I said, feeling a bit awkward. “We going anywhere today?” Please.
“You aren’t,” he said.
I groaned, laying on my back again. “This isn’t fair,” I growled.
Fang laughed. “Life’s not fair,” he said.
We just lay there for a few minutes, watching the boring, white ceiling. Then it donned on me. We could probably be at my mom’s house by now if we hadn’t stopped here.
“We should go to my mom’s house,” I said, rolling on my side so I could see Fang better.
He glanced at me.
“Oh, c’mon, Fang, please?” I pleaded. “We could attempt normalcy.”
Just then, the door burst open and Iggy walked in followed by the other kids.
“Breakfast in bed!” Angel said happily. “Except, not for you, Fang.”
He scowled and hopped off the bed. Iggy plopped a plate of bacon and eggs on my lap and stood back, watching me.
“Um…do you need to tell me something?” I asked him warily.
“Just eat,” he said.
I stabbed an egg with my fork and tossed it into my mouth. “This is really good, Ig,” I assured him.
“Okay, cool. I’m gonna go back to my room,” he told all of us, feeling his way out of the room.
Fang looked at me. “C’mon Gazzy,” he said, pulling the Gasman out of the room after Iggy with him.
Angel and Nudge jumped on the bed with smiles on their faces. “Are we really going to go to your mom’s house?” Angel asked excitedly.
I groaned. “Fang said no.”
Nudge rolled her eyes. “What can he say to you? You’re the leader, right?”
I touched my stomach tenderly. “Not for the moment. Fang’s second in command, remember?” I looked back up at them.
Angel sighed. “I guess.”
I put my hand on Angel’s cheek. “Aw, sweetie, it’s fine. I’ll be fine We’ll get out of here soon.”
“That’s not what Fang and Iggy are thinking,” she said, “Iggy’s thinking that the cuts were pretty deep, and they might have severed something important. Fang’s thinking about how much he loves you and that he’ll never let anything happen to you and that he doesn’t want to go to your mom’s house because it won’t be just us all together anymore.”
Nudge and I looked at her, shocked. “Fang loves Max?” Nudge squealed, “Ohmygosh that is sooo cute.”
“Oh, geez, Nudge,” I said, then added quickly, “But we’re getting out of here pretty soon. I’ll just order Fang to get us all to Dr. Martinez’s.”
“I guess,” Angel said thoughtfully.
Nudge giggled again at the mention of Fang, grinning.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So, Um, Happy New Year. And Merry Christmas (Not Hansakwanamas! I Can Say Whatever I WANT.)

So i'm not even gonna bother about Christmas. If you're friends with my sister on facebook, you can see photos, but otherwise your out of luck, my friend.

So New Years was fun! Me, Kristina, and Carli went to the church lock-in for the youth and it was a bomb! (OMG BOMBS!!). Kristina and I stayed up watching movies (Kung Foo Panda, The Princess Bride, Shrek [hate that movie], and The Pink Panther [Steve Martin]) while Carli played Halo with the guys in the room across the hall on four different TV's hooked up so everyone was playing the same game. Steve kept calling her a 'Halo Beast' 'cause she kept killing him, hahaha.
Sarah Smith said that she'd stay up all night with me, but soon fell asleep with Kristen, Abby, Bree, and Margo.
So Kristina and I just watched movies pretty much all night, except for when we got bored during Shrek and got out our iPods and books. Then we ran a lap around the church with Makayla and her friends (7th graders).
Then at seven thirty in the morning after cleaning everything up, we (Kristen, Sarah, and I) had a pillow fight with Anderson. Then Steve tackled Caleb, which was pretty funny.
And at eight, Dad picked Kristen and I up and we went home. I just went and took a shower then took a six hour nap.

At two I woke up and got ready for the small get-together we were having with the Phangs (pronounced 'Pong') and Caleb's family.
Caleb's family arrived early, so we gave quite the grand tour of our new house (because nobody had seen it before...). Kristen, Caleb, and I tried to get one of my paintings (the alpacka one that's all dizzying, but Caleb said it looks like a great dane with long ears) onto my wall, but it wouldn't stay.

When everyone finally arrived, we (the kids) all played B.S. at the dining room table, and then proceded to play Clue.
We ate dinner while playing Clue, and then played Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase with everyone minus my brother, his two friends, and Aubrey.
This was all quite funny the whole time because both Caleb and I were loopy from sleep deprivation, even though we'd both taken six hour naps, and eventually, Caleb dozed off on the couch when the party was finally over.

So...that was my new year. yaaay. 1-1-09!