Sunday, March 30, 2008


Omg. Check this out!

New favorite song! Everyone Like Me, by Thousand Foot Krutch

And i got a new phone!!! Samsung SCH-740 (if you care to Google Image it)

And I got the next two Twilight books!!! New Moon and Eclipse. Omgosh my FAVORITE!!!! Provided it doesn't have any witchcraft or anything in it... my mom'd kill me. (not literally, but she'd be angry i actually bought them.

I went to Barns & Nobel with my friend Carli and her Mom, and i bought those books for 40$. So they'd better be good 'cause i spent my grade money on them! And i convinced Carli to get a Skillet CD with one of my favorite songs on it; The Last Night. (If you care to YouTube it; or live ==>
I love YouTube.
Heh, and Michael kept calling me for no particular reason, so i just turned my phone off! :D Sorry, Michael. *snicker*
You can take videos on my phone for 15 seconds, so i did half my kata. ==> Heian Godan;
But if Josh gets this URL (*cough* Michael, I'll pummle you if you give it to him), I just want him to know that I can kick both Colton and his butt if i want to! Unless Harrison interferes...

But that's the scoop on today. Bye!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New meaning to 'spring cleaning'.

Ugh. We have to clean the whole house and keep it that way! THIS ISN'T SOMETHING I CAN DO!! I AM A NATURALLY MESSY PERSON!!
So, yeah. This could be fun.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Two from black!!

First week back...zzzz...

Okay. So here's the scoop on my moments this first week back at school!

  1. Colten kept looking at me in math. He's really begining to creep me out!
  2. Michael showed up in my art class at my seat. He's not even in that class!
  3. Hey, guess what? I can water-color fish! Isn't that great?
  4. We got new seats in health. Guess who i sit between? Colten and Josh. This could be a loooong quarter...
  5. We got new seats in science! And, randomly, Aspen and i got seated together!!!!! Yay!!
  6. Heh. I didn't give Ms. Harbert any writing. Heh heh heh. I think she's really actually ticked off behind that smile. "Oh i'm so happy to see you, Steph!" ugh.
  7. I made those 'don't smoke' pictures for health. (click them to enlarge)
  8. Heh. Oops. Josh found out about my blog but doesn't have the address. Which is good.
  9. Caleb and I ate a chocolate-syrup covered donut in under fourty seconds at youth group. The Los Locos Piquenos were compeating against Zeo again for the Trophy of Greatness.
  10. I'm not handing in my headliner poem to my language arts teacher!! I don't know how i'm gonna manage this. But i will. I got a C on my work habits in LA. A pishing C!!!! (pish = pish-posh. It's just shorter and more fun to say. Just like 'nyurg' and 'fnick'.
  11. I finished Alex Rider #4: Eagle Strike and want the next one like heck.
  12. LIKE HECK!!!!!

So. Hello there. I seem to have some blog veiwers. (yay!)

It'd be really uber creepy if some of my enemies got my blog address and read it...and then told people about it. Wouldn't it?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Highlight the text on the post below this one. It blacked out a few sentances. ;)

Hehehehe So this was, like, REALLY uber funny

The following phone conversation feturing me (in red cause i'm special ;) and Michael (in blue) and ruby r UM! We were wondering who do u like(even if is a tad more than a friend)...plz tell the truth!





I probably made your heart skip a beat, didn't i? heh heh.

Ya! That was not nice!

But yeah. That was fun and i was reading these to my mom and she told me to say "You." when he asked who i liked. Heh heh. That was fun! He didn't text back. AND I'M NOT TELLING WHO I LIKE TO ANYBODY! My secret...miiiiiiiine!!!!

And, yes, Michael, that was SO excedingly funny!!!

And stop begging Michael cause i know you're dying to know. ha ha ha.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The best is yet to come

Sweet. I got changed out of my pink attire (shutters) after i got home. So I'm okay now. We went to church for a few hours. Ken (the pastor) talked about death and life. It was really cool. And then he told a story about a lady who told her pastor she wanted to plan her funeral. So he comes over to her house and they sit down. She tells him about the type of music she wants to have playing, the flowers, and one other thing...she wants a fork to be placed in her hands. He goes, "Why?!".

She answered, "Because when i was a little girl, my grandmother would have us all eat at the table together. And at the end, she'd take all our dishes while telling us to stay seated. Then she'd say 'By the way, keep your fork'. And that always meant that we'd have dessert; the best was yet to come. So when people come by my casket and see the fork, they'll ask you, 'What's with the fork?'. Then you'll answer, 'The best is yet to come.'"

I thought that was a cool story, and we got plastic forks in our bulletins!

It's Friday...and it's dark, Jesus is dead, death reigns...but Sunday's commin'! And Jesus will rise, and death will be defeated! The curten was torn down! It's Friday, but Sunday's commin'!
(and it's already here, so we're okay)

Up from the grave he ARROOSE!!!

Hey. Happy Easter! Today is one of the only days in the year that I willingly wear pink. I HATE pink. Pink is the color of...i weenie dog's belly. Not the coolest color. And, Ruby, I'm wearing the same outfit you saw me wearing after my cello recital.
Gaaaaahhh! I'm gonna die!!!
I mean, I love what Easter is and what it stands for...I just wish we celebrated it differently. And God probably doesn't even care what I'm wearing! Is it a rule that i must wear pastel colors?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stares you down...

You like?

Nighthawk...wimpy? I think not!

Okay, so my school mascot is the infamous, wimpy, nighthawk. But i Googled it, and it turns out, the F-117A Nighthawk is far from wimpy. It's a military fighter plane. Way cool! I got pics of it...

Michael! We're not wimpy!

I also got a pic of the real nighthawk...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aww Sweet! Check this out! <==click here

OMG MAXIMUM RIDE IS GOING TO BE IN MANGA!!! No pictures yet, sorry!

<==Japanese Twilight!!!!
That's going to be Edward in the movie. ==>
Isn't he ugly? *shutters* <== over obsessive Twilight website, still cool!

"I'm sorry if there's been some kind of miscommunication, but Bella is unavailable tonight.' Edward's tone changed, and the threat in his voice was suddenly much more evident as he continued. 'To be perfectly honest, she'll be unavailable every night, as far as anyone besides myself is concerned. No offense. And I'm sorry about your evening.'" -- Edward

Ha! the website has quotes! -^

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh...and i drew this on the computer

...and i did this a while ago. But i didn't have a blog then, so i'll post it now. Isn't it cool though? (from left: Angel, with Total on her left and Celeste on her right; Nudge; Max; Fang; Iggy with a match; and the Gasman with a bomb)

Night Games

Okay, my hands are totally frozen thanks to these stupid night games that the kids in my coldisac (<==can't spell to save my life :D) play at night; so if i make a typo, that's why.

So i was the oldest one there with three kids one year younger, and one kid three years younger. Two of the kids in the three kids category were boyfriend/girlfriend. Isn't that sweet? (ick). I don't even have a boyfriend (not that i want one).

So let's review what we played:

  • Kick the can: you kick the stupid can.
  • Power Outage (<==tiring): you run around the coldisac (<==can't spell) while somebody counts down from whatever number under ten they prefer and people run around and hide...try and make it back to base.
  • Mummy Come Alive (on the tramp): who doesn't know how to play this batch of fun? (not)
  • Hide and Seek: same thing

I got bored and went home. My brother is still up there...*checks watch* 8:53 PM.

I TESTED FOR PURPLE BELT TODAY!!!! I hope i make it! Two from black!! (<==highlight of the day)


Monday, March 17, 2008


First of all...if you didn't read the book yet...don't read this blog! (yes, that means you, kristen and michael)

I just finished the last Maximum Ride...and IT SUCKED!!! I mean...where did the idea for 'global warming' come in anyway? It totally ruined the whole dang thing! And Max and Fang only kissed once!!! Then she ran off on him just like she did in the third book! and then they go off on another mission!!! THAT CAN'T BE HOW IT ENDS!!!!!

I'm gonna need to punch someone...*smack*

oops...did he just go out?...

Check it out! Somebody sorta like me!

This person writes and likes Maximum Ride and Twilight. Isn't that cool?


crud, now i look like an idiot, but oh well. THE NEXT MAXIMUM RIDE BOOK COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!

Another series you should read is that vampire series. The first book's Twilight? Remember? I woke up at nine, and it's 11:20 now. I READ THAT BOOK FOR TWO WHOLE HOURS!!!! Then i read it two hours last night. So that's...what...four hours?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I had a weird dream

I had this dream where my younger brother and his friend were running after me and my brother started roundhouse kicking me in the head. (the weird thing there is I'm the only kid in my family who can roundhouse kick and my brother is a head shorter so there is no possible way he could get his foot high enough up there to kick my head. Let alone roundhouse kick it.)
And i kept telling him to stop it, his friend was laughing hysterically. But he wouldn't stop! He kept telling me that i kick him all the time and i was like, I don't kick you in the head! But eventually i woke up.

Then i had a dream i was sitting in karate class waiting to see if i got my purple belt. My instructor gave the other green belt, Chris, his belt first, then gave everybody their belts. I was feeling really bad that i didn't get a purple belt, then at the end of class, just as i walked out, he gave it to me. I am so glad that didn't happen in real life!
But then our purple belts looked like the belts that some people had that were more lavender than actual purple (It made you want to go up to them and say, "Hey, nice lavender belt." ) And that kind of sucked.

Then i had a dream we were in the lunch room at school, and we were having some sort of protest thing. We moved the tables around a lot. That dream was sooo booorrriiinnggg...

Money that i wish i had...

I really wish that i had more money so i could go buy the next Twilight book. They are so good! I finished the first one in two days (thanks to spring break i had all the time in the world), and I WANT NEW MOON!!! *breathes heavily*

*ahem* sorry...did i shout? *heh* there goes a random blast of hot air...

here, Michael


click on one of the tests, then scroll down to the bottom and click on the geek test. Please text me about your results because i think you'd score pretty dang high.


58%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

This is...odd...



Woah...malufunction on last post near the end. Just highlight it and you'll be okay. ;D

Like, this was uber funny.

Okay, so my friend Ruby and i were totally messing with my guy-friend, Michael, 's mind.

So we were at the park, and he was texting me. And Ruby's like, "What's his cell number?"
So i give it to her, and then she starts texting Michael totally out of random.

Like, Hi...i no ur (enter last name here).
and he texts back and is like:
Mr. (enter last name here) is my father. WHO THE HECK IS THIS?!?
So we're standing on the asphalt of the park cackling our silly heads off:
I no you go to Rocky Heights and you like (enter prefered girl name here).
He gets all hyped up about this, and texts me:
And because Ruby doesn't know who the heck the one girl is or who the heck Michael is (other than he's my friend), this information is useless to her. I had to explain this to him.

OMGOSH THE NEXT MAXIMUM RIDE BOOK COMES OUT TOMORROW!!! (i'd 'squee' but i'd feel like an idiot)


like, i was eating pancakes, and the stuff kept getting stuck in my throat. It was strange.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ow...i just walked into the door...

Uh...greetings? this is new...

Basically, I'm just trying to tell somebody what the heck goes on inside my head. (Because writing in a journal is too time consuming)
Plus, then nobody else reads it...and i don't even get feedback.

Um...I like to write. I like to draw. I do karate (!!). I love to read (MAXIMUM RIDE!!!!!). I play piano. I play the cello. I have a cat. I have a best friend (who will probobly post at some point...). And I go to a school called Rocky Heights (and nobody *cough* could guess where that is...). It's Middle School.

There are three boys at school that drive me insane daily: Colton, Cameron, and Josh. (If any of you are reading this...)

But that's me.