Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gaaah. Sorry.

Okay, i was sick for a week then got side-tracked.


i haven't been doing much, and i didn't have mono. Kristen was obsessing over the fact that my saliva could infect her.
Like, we were at the pool, and all of the sudden she's like "Did you spit in the pool at all today?"
I just kind of look at her and am like "Uh...we're in the pool. There might as well be my saliva as well as yours and anybody who's held their breath in here."

So we had to leave. But it was 'too cold' anyway for Kristen.

Then I've been playing on the Sims 2 a lot and Kristen just installed Sims 2 Open for Business so the computer is running weirdly as of right now. (like right now)

And now we have friends from Washington State with us, so i might not even blog for another long time (does that sentance work?).

So bye.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Okaaay. Back on Track

Okay. Apparently it wasn't co-ed. So, yeah. Whodathunkit?
But these are entries from my journal. I didn't write every day, though. *weak smile*

Day 1. Sunday. we drove up to camp and had this total heart-wrenching goodbye. Then I was semi-alone (Daniel is at REZ camp). But I was alone at Horse. So we all kinda bunched together into the T-Dome (Thunder Dome); where it smelled like sweat. Ew. So the Horse group walked up to the store. I didn't know anybody, but this girl, Maddie, was feeling friendly and gave me one of her Sour Straws. I met my counselors (and, like, everyone), and we ate lunch together. One counselor keeps looking at me like there's something wrong with me (?!?) and asked me if i talk a lot (??). I'm just being myself when I don't have friends yet. Urg. But I made one; Amy. We're, like, the only seemingly non-crazy people.
Then I got switched from Magnolia to Gardenia (cabins). Now that one counselor is my counselor.
Oh. And I drew Fang for everybody!!! (next page of notebook...but you can't see it.)

Day 2. Monday.

Today., first we woke up in, like, the compleatly freeezing atmosphere of our cabins (that are so lame as not to have any electricity). Then we had "French Toast" that tasted like just, toast. So i put butter and jam (mystery flavor) on it and but that stale little sucker with a fork 'n' knife. Then we did QT's and I found that the word 'cosmedics' is in the Bible. Whodathunkit. We took group pictures; the ones you had to sign up to buy. Which i didn't. We met our horses; I got Ralph (whom Kristen had last year)!!! He is sooo much easier than the horse i had last year. We had frozen chicken for dinner (ick), and i found out that it totally tasted like crap without Ranch on it. Then we split into gender specific groups for whole camp Bible Study. Then we had s'mores. Aaaand they were okay.

Day 4. Wednesday.

I'm too tired to write anythi-...zzzzzz...

Day 5. Thursday.

It is sooo late.
Today we got up bright and early. Freezing. But I slept in my clothes, so I just jumped out of bed and was the first one ready. (Ugh. Someone's snoring.) So we went on a really long trail ride and we galloped!!! I heart Ralph so much. (isn't that a awesome name for a horse? Ralph.) And then during free time Delaney, her brother Conner, and I went to the store. I got one of those Snickers ice cream bars. They are so good. And I got a T-shirt that is totally awesome and looks like an American Eagle shirt. ELC Colorado!!!
Then Delaney and I went on the Zip-Line (second longest in North America)! It was so amazing; it felt like flying! (or, so I imagine).
(Still snoring.) We then had banquet night, and I froze.

Then today, we had a horse show and I got a little bitty ribbon that said PARTICIPANT on it.
We had a heart-wrenching goodbye. And I gave everyone my blog address!!
And Molly put my Llama Hat on and did a llama dance.

(I'm sorry this post is so long)

I'm gonna tell you one of our camp inside jokes about Crack.
So you can make this Sandy Candy at the arts and crafts station, and a ton of the girls went and made some.
Then when we got back to the barn, Axel (his name is Alex, and he's the horse camp director) was like "Hey, you guys got some Eagle Lake Crack!? That stuff is so good."
Then we all got addicted to the 'Crack', and I was all "I am the Cracken of the Sea!!"
Then on Banquet Night, Maddie was like "I need some Crack reeeally bad!".
And Sharp Fire Axel (he was wearing a suit, and he can start fires) said "She's going through withdrawl."
It was really funny.

I gotta go!

[wait! i finished The Host]

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hoooorse Caaaamp!!!

Okay, so tomorrow, i'm going to Eaglelake Horse Camp for a week so i won't be able to blog.
:( sorry.

In the meantime, I'm sitting at my computer eating crutons for breakfast and worrying about the camp being co-ed. Like, as in boys and girls together. (not in the same cabin, thankfully).
I went last year and it was totally fun. I was with my sister (but she can't come because she's going to Mexico for a missions trip and it costs my parents the same amount of money for that then camp when it's cut in half. So, yeah, she's not coming. *sad face*). And it wasn't co-ed, and she was there with me. And my brother wasn't there (and he is this year, just not in horse).

So today, we get to go buy riding boots. Doesn't that sound just so incredebly fun?

The funny thing is, my mom has all these things that she wants me to wear (hence the pink mittons and green hoodie). So i just smile and say "okay! i'll be sure to wear them!" and then don't. I do the same thing for field trips. I mean, she wants me to take four jackets! Am i going to wear them? No!!

So do you remember when I was talking about the book The Host and i said i'd read it in about a week? Well, i got sidetracked when reading it and read the whole Maximum Ride series again but out of order. But i'm starting again. So we're back on track!

Aaugh. I'm sooo hungry. I'm gonna go find something to eat with a little more substance to it.

So, bye for, like, a week.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

GAAAH!! so bored....!!!!!

Ugh. I am having a ton of really boring things happen to me lately...huh.

So...yesterday, i

  • got up

  • ate breakfast of half a ginormous muffin (anybody who used to sit at my lunch table would know the size)

  • Then i rode my bike to the store so i could go to the bookmobile; but of course it wasn't there.

  • So i rode back and my sister was like, "You're back already?? That took you twenty minutes!!"

  • We cleaned the house till it was spick-'n'-span so that people could take a look at it to see if they wanted to buy it and then never do...

  • Kristen and I went to Lunch-Bunch with the girls at my youth group. (Kristina, if you ever want to come, it's Wednesdays at noon [call me]). We ate at Sonic, and I got a kids meal :D yay!!! But the hamburger was weensy. :(

  • I read the entire first Maximum Ride book in one afternoon.

  • The new pastor for our church came over and we had dinner. It was so uber delish and i got so full. *Xo*

  • I made Fang and Iggy on my brother's Tony Hawk Underground 2 skateboard video game (cause you can have wings and change the color on them :D)

  • My cat caught the ginormous moth that had taken over the upstairs bathroom. Go Summer!!! =^-^= I love my cat...

  • I went to bed.

and in response to Kristina's fav color thing, i made my own:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh...the boring things i've done in the past few days

I'm just gonna say this right now: I MISS YOU RUBY!!! Cause there ain't anything to do around here.

Ugh. So basically, I've played on the Sims 2, read Maximum Ride over and over again, i sat in my room on my bed listening to WayFM (89.7 FM), i attempted to get my Internet to work (GAAAAAAAAAAHH! AND IT'S MAKING ME CRAZY!!!), I got a physical [poked an prodded], and i went to TNL [Tuesday Night Live]: Pool party at Tristan and Nick's house.

But yeah. Oh, and i got a swimsuit. I, like, picked it out at the last minute and did okay.