Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh. My. Gosh.

These people are so incredable cool!! Piano Tribute Players *pokes Ruby*

Like, they have my favorite band.

Skillet, Piano Tribute Players
Whispers in the Dark
The Last Night
Yours to Hold
Falling in the Black
Better than Drugs

(these are links. so don't just sit there staring like an idiot, click!)

And Relient K
Sadie Hawkins Dance
The Best Thing
Be My Escape

The Fray
How to Save a Life

Let's not forget, Chris Tomlin

Listen to one or two.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

100th post (see older ones on this particular inccident)

FRICK! ow ow ow ow ow. OW, gaah, it HURTS!

I think i hit something in my thumb, and it hurts to move it. I taped it in place with hocky tape, but, frick, it hurts. Crap! OW!

at least i get to go to urgent care and miss school *weak smile* OW

Monday, August 25, 2008

Has anyone here ever, i dunno, STABBED themselves CARVING?

OMG. blood everywhere. does anyone carve stuff with wood?
now i can't use mt left hand, and now i am handicapped and reduced to 'hunting and pecking' on the keyboard. i am left handed, so this is a problem.
have fun watching me put my make-up on one handed!

~stephtan hook

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ella's Secret

Ha. Ha. So funny.

Go Ig.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Kristina got paint on my arm
Okay, so i convinced our art teacher to move Kristina where Daniel sat, Daniel where Kristina sat, and switched the person sitting next to me to swap spots so i sat where she did, and she sat where i did. Then Kristina and I talked all class period and she got paint on my arm. And then we told Michael he had paint on his face because he asked if he did. NOT a good idea on his part.

I HATE SCHOOL!! optimism...*inhales, exhales*

I got on a weird team. I'm on the Mountaineers and, um, it's maybe a little weird?? Dude, i mean my science teacher's making us do Survivor Science. ???. Yeah, weird? And we have 'L' points? What's the flip with that? And i had to color a picture for science with a key that made it look like a blind person designed it (no offence, Iggy)
Then we do this thing in math, Magic Gopher??? "Oh, it's okay if you don't get it." I GET IT!!! I WANT OUT OF IT!!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT BUS ROUTE ASSIGNED!!! GGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH...!!!!

Sorry. I'm such a pessimist. I get ahead of myself. So I'll flatter you all with optimism.
*calm...* deeeeep breath *inhales* *exhales*
God made the trees, the lovely trees. He made the grass, so lush and green. He made the spider i found so fantastically creepy this morning in the kitchen at 5:45. The one my dog helped me kill. It was so wonderful. I went to my school, my lovely school. I am so blessed to be among the world's fortunate.
I love my life. I would never, ever want to go to school aaaanywhere else. I love where i live now. It's so peaceful.

*bursts out laughing*

Augh. Mud.

Today it rained.

I went to school and it rained. I invited Kristina over and it rained. We rode the four-wheeler and it rained. We jumped on the tramp and it rained. We played in the hay in Boaz's cage and it rained. She went home and it rained. I frosted cup-cakes and it rained. I watched the Olympics and it rained. It got dark and it rained. I took Boaz for a walk and it had stopped.


Monday, August 11, 2008

:D Yay

I have an ortho oppointment at eight, so i don't have to go to school for awhile! It makes me happy. I woke up at 6:30 instead of 5:30 and i feel so refreashed.
I might even go back to bed!

Colten's in my Rock time. UUUG. But thankfully, i don't have a single class with him! (Rock is homeroom). But i don't have to sit in the same room as him todaaaaaay!!!!
The only classes i have with kristina are the only ones i have with michael. WHY??? And i can't even sit next to kristina in art!!! It sucks!


aaaaugh it's too early for school.

*got up at 5:30*

IT'S TOO EARLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!



We got our new dog today!!!

His name is Boaz, and he is sooo cute. My brother was convinced he was going to like him best, so he smuthered him with hugs and pats.
Now I think Boaz doesn't like him as much. But it's just a hunch.

I drew a picture of him, but it's not very good. His front left leg bot kind of weird.

He's a maremma sheepdog; they look kind of like white golden retreivers. But they're really big. We're using him as a guard dog because we moved to a ranch and we're getting alpacas.

Winky (our weenie dog) and him are already good friends.

Hey! Did you know that you can get tax deductions for farm animals? So Boaz is an asset! We collected the recepts from the Toll Roads that we took to go get him, and we're gonna get tax deductions for 'farm expenses'. Cool, hugh?

My dad put up a pen for him with our deceeced golden retreiver's dog house in it. It has a tarp over the far side of it so the hay we put under it doesn't get wet. It also acts as a windbreaker.

We put it by the driveway in front of our house.

Gotta go. I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow because of frickin school. Wish me luck and hope that Colton/Josh/Cameron/other-people-i-don't-like aren't on my team!




School starts tomorrow. I'm starting my final year of middle school, and then i won't have to deal with Mrs. Deer-burger anymore!! MWAHA!
For any of my friends who read my blog, i got a new layout, so my links aren't there anymore, so if you could tell me the URL for your blog, that would be great.



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fear the Legion, for I am One of Many

Hehehehehehehehehe *cackles mechanically* FEAR THE LEGION

Going Nuts Over the Scanner

Okay, so my dad got the scanner (and internet) hooked up at our new house, so i can get my drawing on here!!! Daniel as a Baby (i drew this)
Some Kid from a Haircut Magazine (I did this too)

Something I did Last NightShirley Agnes (my alter ego)

Fang (did this on a car trip)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Omg you'll _never_ guess where i am now

Take a wild guess.

ding ding ding

The Library. Surprise, surprise, yes? I like the Library's computers. They run faster than our Ice Age Era computer. Only Napter doesn't run so fast.

Who else got theirs? I got mine yesterday and was sooo happy. I swear, if anyone finished it and says something to me about it (i'm not done), I'll pummel that sorry grin off your face.

I'm wearing another black shirt today. But only because it a) has pink on it; and b) my other shirts are, surprise, dirty.

I bands on my braces and THEY HURT LIKE BLOODY HECK. OMG. WHY DOES IT HURT SO FLIPPIN MUCH?? I mean, why inflict torturous pain on Innocent minors with jagged teeth? Isn't this a form of torture in other countries yet? It should be.

I'm having a mini presidential election of all Bloggers. Fang vs. Edward vs. Jacob. Who would make a better president of all bloggers?

I got the new Skillet cd. This is my absolute favorite, favorite band.

anyway, got to scurry. Get to Lunch Bunch.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Okay, since we moved the computer hasn't been hooked up and it's driving me insane. I can't blog unless i go to the library and do it (there is a huge screen and EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT YOU'RE WRITING!! Jeez. Embarassing much?).
I can't play on the Sims 2, and that is driving me crazy too.
I can't write. UUURG. That makes me crazy.

Also, our dog keeps getting in my room and terrorizing my cat and eating her food. This has happened for two years streight. I spank her. And she still does it. Today I asked my mom if I could get a cattle prod.
She said i could. :D

How many books have people read this summer?
I've read a lot

  • Little Brother
  • Maximum Ride (1,2,and 3 yet again)
  • Twilight (1,2,and3 again)
  • Being
  • What I Meant...
  • Season of Ice
  • The Miner's Daughter
  • The Curious Inncident of the Dog in the Nightime


  • The Catcher in the Rye

So yeah, Ruby, there you go if you need a book to read.

Oh, did anyone get Breaking Dawn yet? I know Ruby has. And Sara. But i HAVE TO WAIT TILL WEDNESDAY because i ordered it online.

ug. Does blogger ever drive you nuts because it keeps doing things to you? Now it's making me skip a whole line when i press ENTER.

See that?


Our grandparents are staying until Wednesday, and so Carli, Kristen, and I can't go to Water World with the youth group! Like, i went up to Blacklock (youth leader) paid the fee for securing your place, and then had to go get it back.

(skipped a line again) I think Sara's mom and Veronica still think i'm emo because i wore the awesome shirt i got in Breckenridge that's black with a bike on it.

(skipped) IT'S ONLY A BLACK SHIRT!!!

Anyway. See ya.