Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun in the Sun with Deflated Bikes

Ruby came over this weekend (friday-sunday) and it was fun.
So we rode bikes we found in my garage. Deflated ones.
okay my dad's wasn't deflated, so i rode that one.
But still.
So we went to the grocery store and bought a huge Snapple iced tea, peach, and one of those cesar salads that Sara always has at lunch.
Then we ride home and find my brother there, and we can't leave for awhile because mom said that if we left, he had to come with us. And he ended up coming with us to the park to eat lunch. Then we went back to the house with him and went back to the store and got another cesar because it was so good (plus an Arazona raspberry tea that tasted like crap and two pastries from the store's bakery; and we rented Juno and National Treasure 2). And we ate it in the lawn of the little clubhouse/'church' at the corner of our parkway.
I don't know what the nit picks who take care of that tidy little patch would think, but hey.
We watched Juno.
If you've ever made caramel corn, you'd know that it's hard to do.
We watched National Treasure 2.
And then today we rode to DazBog Coffee and got smoothies (that were on the house) and then to the Bundt Shop and got weenyature cakes that were amazing.

We went to the new house (for those of you that don't know, we're moving to a 35 acre ranch and are redoing the house)
We jumped on the tramp for an hour.
We sat around and ate wheat thins.
We climbed out the window and onto the roof.
We went home.
We watched National Treasure yet again.
Ruby took a nap and i read a book.
I woke her up.
We ate dinner.
I texted Michael on her phone and he thought he was talking to her. XD
We went to Target.
Ruby went home.

I MISS YOU!!! (Ruby, you left your yearbook here by the way :\ ) oops.

sooooo... yeah.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sorry, i'm totally going overboard with this whole thing...

XD i must be crazy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maximum Ride Manga Pix

I got some of the Maximum Ride Manga pix off Fang's blog, so i went ahead and made some stuff out of them XD
I'm not taking credit for the manga. Just the way it's layed out!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I might not post more of this and i need feedback


He didn’t used to be so angry, he didn’t used to be so sad. His eyes held a constant irritation that wasn’t there before. His overall expression was pained, and his dark hair over his face just hid the fact he was dying inside.
His mom knocked on his door. “Seth?” she asked.
She heard him exhale loudly and roll over on his bed. He groaned, irritated.
She breathed slowly. Get it over with. If he snaps, that’s his problem. “May I come in?” she asked hesitantly.
He didn’t answer.
She didn’t press further. But as she turned to go, the door almost silently cracked open.
She turned to face her son. Her face softened as she saw his face for the first time in over a day. It was that he knew, he knew so much. The door shut.
That was all.

Monday, May 26, 2008


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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Did this in under ten minutes

Dude, i can't believe just i did that.

This morning, i was combing my hair, right? And it really poofy and anoying, so i was going to streighten it. Kristen left the iron on the counter, and to see if it was on, i touched the hot part.
Oh my flippin gosh, how did i summon up the stupidity to do that? Kristen just looks at me and is like, "Did you seriously just do that?"
Um...yeah. i did.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I drew this on the computer last night


It took me, like, an hour to do on the computer because i started with this (below) and redid the colors a bit.

Last Day of SCHOOL!!

Yesterday was the last day of school!!! Yay. Everyone do a happy dance.
But we didn't do anything.

here's my schedule of yesterday:
Social Studies: Common Assessment
P.E.: we watched a really stupid baseball movie (Rookie) *cough*
Science: we raced balloons, but i didn't want to, and neither did Aspen or Natalie. So we talked to the boys at our table, and then one of them signed Natalie's yearbook with a ton of bad words and she got him suspended for the first week of school. (okay, that was entertaining).
Language Arts: we watched Madagascar. Again.
Math: we looked at optical illusions. Ooooh...
Orchestra: we finished Toy Story 2
Art: we played pictionary.
Assembely: a ton of people talked, they played a slide show, and Mr. Corr proposed to Ms. Ambrose. (???) No really, it was sweet.
Then we went home and i hopefully won't see anyone i don't like until next year!

Things i'm doing this summer:

  1. We're moving to a ranch; five miles from our current house.
  2. I'm going to horse camp
  3. I'm going to get very bored when my sister goes to Mexico for a missions trip for over a week
  4. We might get more dogs
  5. We might get alpackas
  6. I'm building a fort in the 35 acres of shrub oak we happen to own
  7. I'm going to make money by getting jobs

Things i'm doing today:

  1. Work for money
  2. (maybe) play with Carli
  3. Work at the ranch (it doesn't happen to be done)
  4. Play on the Sims 2 and save before i quit this time.

Okay...that's pretty much it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yearbook Day!!! (it's finally here!)

We got our yearbooks today, and they're actually really cool! They look like composition notebooks. As usual, i can't smile, and look like an idiot, while half the guys and a fourth of the other girls can smile better.
I however, just, am incapable. It sucks.

We didn't do anything today but watch movies and sign yearbooks. Like, in Social Studies; old Australia films *cough* boring. Health and LA; we watched Madagascar. And Colten and his friend played patty-cake in front of my desk (?!? crazy?). Science; The Magic School Bus. Math; signed yearbooks. Orchestra; Toy Story 2 (??). Art; cleaned and signed yearbooks. After that; went into the gym and [yet again] signed yearbooks.

and i curiously only ended up with 15 signatures. 5 of them thanking me for letting them borrow my books and introducing them to Maximum Ride (pix 1 and 2, both faxness) and Twilight.

Christina tried to get me to ask Colten to sign my yearbook, and i didn't. Then she tried to get me to ask Josh to sign my yearbook, and i almost did. But still didn't.

But overall [except for, like, the last hour of school] i think i could have ditched. Just a thought.

I really like this song, this song [Colten's theme], this song about cancer, this song (this is my favorite ever), i memorized this and i love it, this song, and this song.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Aparently Bree's mom leaked the information that i can sing (not that i sing for people, animals count?<--has a cat). So now the lead singer for my youth group is graduating, and wants me to take her place (GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH). (NO NO NO NO NO NO).
i DONT sing for people. I just don't.

this sounds silly :-\
i can sing. and my cat is the only one who hears me do so.

.....= . _. = .....*meow*
(") _,,,_,,,_(")

end of story.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Okay. So Michael was really making me frustrated today. URRRRGGG!

So, in Health,[because it's the end of the year and we have nothing to do] we went out to the track to walk around or play in the midde where a football field is. So Aspen, Lara, Michael [nya?], and I walked aound the track. We pass Colten [who was sitting on the short bleacher], and Michael gets the sudden urge to shout "HEY COLTON!! STOP STALKING STEPHANY!!"
Colten just looks up, "What?"
>me: *horrified* why and what the heck...< He turns, "You're the one all over her." Which is true. *follows me around*
"I AM NOT!!" Michael blurts.
"See, there you go."
I'm snickering on the inside.

Oh, dear. What am I to do with them?

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday was so awesome. I got $40 for working for a family at our church.

I vacuumed with an awesome vacuum cleaner (it had a ton of parts that you connected for different jobs), I dusted with a feather duster, I made bean dip, I helped prepare chicken, I poured chips into several different bowls, I used Windex on glass tables, and raked pine needles into piles and disposed them into garbage bags.
My sister did most of the cooking for the lady and helped with the outdoors. So all in all, we worked, like, six hours. And we smelled like raw chicken XP ewwwww...

But then we got to go to Starbucks with our money. I heart frapps.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I just had a PERFECT day!!!

No, really! I did!

  1. Today is Friday and next Friday is the end of school
  2. We had a field trip
  3. It was 6 hours long (4 hours in the bus)
  4. We got to go up to Echo Lake and use GPS units to find waypoints (if it doesn't make any sense, don't ask)
  5. The only class I got to today was art (!!!!)
  6. I got a bunch of (new) Roxy shirts ($2) at a garage sale with a pair of flip flops and a black bag.
  7. and neither Colten or Josh was there at any point today.

I am so happy :)

Who can make the sun riiiiiiiiiiiiiisssse? Sprinkle it with deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww? The Candy Man caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here's for all you Twilight fans; 1st chapter of Midnight Sun. (Sara, don't read this!!! It'll ruin the series as you know it!!)

(Actually, that goes for all readers who haven't finished/read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse)

Also, here are a bunch of the main characters from the movie's pictures:

Bella: Kristen Stewart
Edward: Robert Pattinson (the guy in front [blue shirt])
Charlie: Billy Burke
Renee: Sarah Clarke
Alice: Ashley Greene
Rosalie: Nikki Reed
Jasper: Jackson Rathbone
Emmett: Kellen Lutz
Carlisle: Peter Facinelli
Esme: Elizabeth Reaser
Mike Newton: Michael Welch
Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner
James: Cam Gigandet
Laurent: Edi Gathegi



My grades have dropped a bit (if you call going from an A to a B dropping) in health. So i'm safe from the Drug-Abuse-Safety-Test-monsters.

I can't beleive i actually got a bad grade on that test! I mean, really, who [when being peer-pressured] actually stops and says to themselves, "Oh, S.T.O.P.!! Okay, um... 'S': Say no."

Really? That's just messed up. I mean so what if i don't know what the type of drug marajuana is! It's not like i'm ever going to use the dang drug. I'm a Christian. I'm not gonna take drugs! Okay? Can't she grasp that? Urg. I don't like her at all and i am so glad i won't have her as a health teacher next year (if i did, i think i'd die).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twilight movie trailor!!!!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Oh, pish, this is sooooo good!!!! I swear, i watched it, like, four times in a row.


and they have a behind the scenes thing too! Just click on that little link thingy under...
okay, just bloody find it yourself.

Congratulations, Colten. You have succeded in creeping me out yet again.

I swear. He. Is. A. Creep. Colten got, like, uber brave today and moved from behind the pillar to in front of it. Mae and i were sitting on the stairs, and he kept staring at me.

I felt like disappearing. It's, like, get a flippin of binoculars and sit across base camp. Ugh. leave me alone!!!

The Book Thief

New book to put on the list: The Book Thief. Good book, sad ending, took me a week to read it.

[Uuuuuuurg!!!! The computer put that 'ERROR: Your request could not be processed. Please try again'. Ever get those? So incredibly annoying.]

Anyway. I actually didn't have that bad of a day. The only bad thing that happened was that i got a bad grade on a health test [that i didn't know i had] and i have to retake it. Only it makes me angry that Colten [of all people] got an A and i was sitting there with a C or lower. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW THAT FLIPPIN HAPPENED!!!!!



I never get bad grades. :(

temporarily going emo... *gloomy**gloomy*

I am so going to Heian Godan our health teacher along with my orchestra teacher, James Patterson [<---Still not over 4th Maximum Ride], and Cameron. Uuuurrg. I strongly dislike Cameron!! :K [<--vampire]

*gloomy* waaaaaaa.... *gloomy*

Got it

I think i figured it out. (cause i'm just smart that way ;D)

Please work please work please work pleas-

oh, crap.

please work

is it working??, yes, yes? YES!!!

Well, that's ironic.

:D The Host!!!

I bought The Host today (a Stephenie Meyer book). I don't really get it. Yet. But i will. This thing is a really big book. Like, super-T-uber huge. It's 619 pages long and 36 lines to each page.

this is gonna take a whole week to read! (i read Eclipse in three days, just to give you perspective)

My dad's like, "You could spend your money on more important things...then you wouldn't be so broke all the time."

He's totally right about the 'being broke all the time', but to me, nothing else is worth buying. I mean, there aren't any toys [that i want] for kids my age. I just, totally uninterested.
And my mom buys my clothing [note that i choose it out]. So that helps with the budget a lot. A lot of kids buy their own clothes if their parents won't buy it for them. I...never go that far.

so lets just leave it at this: I BUY ALL THE BOOKS I READ!! anybody who is against it can go eat peas.

wait i take that back. I check out the Alex Rider books from the library.

EAT PEAS!!! 0oOo0oo *yum*

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ha. Fun at the dinner table

We were sitting at the table, and my little brother was like "If you say apple over and over, it turns into 'blah, blah, blah,'".
Then i say, "If you say watermelon over and over, it turns in to 'gullable'."
Then Kristen tried it, and relized what it meant.

it was funny.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Wanna know who made these? Wanna guess?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I found these on the [glorious] internet. AT FLIPPING 10:15 AT NIGHT!!! *sips coffee*

Oh! I forgot to tell the world...

...that i got braces.

wanna know what color?


like my belt.

like my glasses.

Upside: My teeth are streight.


Do you believe in gazelles?

Welcome back!

Hey. So, yeah. I was saying that my internet broke. It totally sucked. But whatever. And then my dad put a little safety block on his laptop, so now i can't get on my blog from there. i have to just use this computer.

heh. fuuuuun.

I'm reading a good book called 'The Book Thief'. It's really good.

There's this girl at my youth group who's a senior in high school, and she just happens to have a bunch of Sims 2 expansion packs laying around that she's not using. Soooo...she's giving them to us! :D :D :D :D :D :D

But since I couldn't get on the blog from the laptop, and my sister was using the computer, i went on (becaue youtube is blocked also :[ ). I now have an account. My username is maxflock_37. So look it up if you feel like being all juvenile and getting one for yourself.
It gives you the same feeling as wearing a Sesame Street t-shirt. But, hey, it uses up the afternoon for you.

I had a piano recital yesterday and played Fur Elise by Beethoven. It sounded so awesome. But then after i was done, my piano teacher started crying because it sounded amazing. So, yeah, that's me; the kid who makes her teacher cry.
It was so omg embarassing.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Omg. I'm so sorry!!

My flippin internet broke. But my dad fixed it. So I'm so sorry that i've been gone for, like, a week or two.