Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Okay, So Some Suckish News

Our computer sucks. No, it is not a Mac that is incredebly annoying, it is a Gateway computer from 2003 (or maybe older) that is probably discontinued. It is old, it is annoying, it runs slow.
And not only does it run slow, it also is almost completly full up of memory. It keeps informing us: Local disk :C is almost full. Please delete old files.
So we were doing that, you know? And Kristen sees 'Microsoft Office, last used 2005, 4,000,000 KB'. So we delete it, and now we can't get on Microsoft Word.
I know, fun.
It is a great thing that all my writing is safely tucked away in my jump drive. It just saved all my writing. :D :D :D :D

But I also can't get on Word to work on it.

So i'll get back to you when it finally works.

Monday, December 22, 2008

What Will They Do Now?

So i had to do some last minute shopping today and get a gift for my mom. I got her a Walkman, one of those expensive $30 ones because that's all I had left. But now I'm done. I drew a picture on her wrapping paper of Bo being Santa.



“Can we get going?” Nudge asked.
“We can’t move Max,” Fang said calmly, rubbing his eyes. I’d had to sleep on his lap all night, both of us propped up against a tree.
“I can fly, Fang,” I said angrily.
Iggy walked over to us from the fire. “Let me check her wounds, make sure she can be moved.”
Fang lifted up my shirt a bit so that he could remove the bandages. Iggy inspected the stitches. “She should be fine in a day or two. I think we could fly to a hotel or something, and she could get more rest. Someone would have to carry her.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Fang said, winding the bandage around my waist again.
I was outraged. I was so. Fricking. MAD. “Since when are you two calling the shots?” I asked irritably.
Nudge walked up with a hotdog that had been roasted on a barbeque stick. “Since you’re out for the call,” she said reasonably.
Nothing like cold, hard logic to mess up your perfectly good rant.
“Who’s gonna carry her?” Gazzy asked, blue eyes questioning.


Fang’s really happy that he gets to carry you.
I’d never admit it to anybody, but I’m happy that he is.
He leaned in, “Okay, so you have your choice of Super 8 Motel, or Holiday Inn.”
“Hm,” I pretended to think, “I’d have to say Holiday Inn. What about you, what do you think?” I looked up at his dark impassive face.
“I’d have to agree with you on that. Angel says there’s kitchens in each room, and you can get them so they’re adjoining.”
“Oh, well, okay,” I said, then louder to the flock, “ We’re landing behind that Walgreens, okay?”
I got a series of ‘okay’s back.
We landed, and then everyone walked to the hotel but me; I had to be carried.
“Max, we need the card,” Fang said before we went through the front doors.
I squirmed in his impermeable hold. “Just put me down and let me walk, Fang,” I ordered. I was done with asking.
So he did, but I had to lean against him as we all made our way in. There was a guy at the front desk, looking at me like candy.
Eraser? Not likely. Freakshow? More than likely.
“Three rooms with two single beds each, please,” I said, holding out the Max Card.
The guy took it, but when he examined the computer for rooms, he said, “We only have two with separate beds, and one with a queen.”
I looked at Fang, who shrugged. “I guess we’ll take those, then,” he said.
I nodded at the receptionist. He scanned the card and wrote something down on a scrap of paper, then handed them back to me along with the keys.
I smiled and said ‘thank you’. Fang swooped down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, giving the receptionist a hard-as-death look.
“I’m rooming with Iggy!” the Gasman declaired, grabbing one of the room keys for the single bed rooms and taking off.
Angel and Nudge locked arms, and Angel nimbly grabbed the single suite key, leaving me and Fang together with the keys for the queen suite.
I looked at him and said, “You get the floor.”
He took the keys from me and unlocked the door to our room and set me on the bed. It was kinda late, so the kids soon came in to stack fists with us. Then we all said goodnight and the kids disappeared.
I pulled off my sweatshirt and got under the covers, fully expecting Fang to grab the blanket on the end of the bed and a pillow, and settle down on the floor.
“I’m gonna go take a shower,” he told me.
“Okay,” I replied, settling down.
And then I was asleep.

Har Har Har.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


:-D Yaaay, Ruby came over this weekend after my cello concert. It was fun!! We stayed up really late talking! But now she's gone and i'm bored all over again :-(

So here we go:

Disclaimer: I do not own Maximum Ride. James Patterson does, and that sometimes makes me mad that he's in charge of the stuff that goes into the actual books. But, hey, I'm still open to freedom of speech.


The next thing I knew, I was being thrown from my bed. It was dark, I was tired.
“Hello, Max.”
I would know that voice anywhere. I quickly got to my feet and got ready to fight. Ari swung a fist at my face, but I blocked and planted a hard roundhouse kick in his ribs.
His breath went out in an oof, and he fell to the floor. He struggled to get up, but I threw a even harder kick to his head and he went down again, blood streaming out his nose.
YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY FLOCK!!” I yelled, running out of my room and barricading the door behind me with a pole that had been newly ripped out of the wall.
I saw Fang viciously fighting off a wolfy creature at the end of the hall, then there was a sickening thud as it fell to the floor. Fang quickly fell onto the next Eraser as I heard small cry of pain from Nudge’s room. “Maaax!”
“Fang! Hold back Erasers as long as possible!” I shouted orders automatically. “Iggy! Go find Nudge! Gazzy! Get Angel out of here! “
There was another thud as Iggy took down another one.
Another Eraser attacked me from behind, slashing my stomach through my nightshirt and making me cry out in pain. I fell to the floor, and the world went black.
A anguished “Max!” from Fang was all I heard.


“…think she was bleeding pretty bad.”
“How bad?”
“Really bad.”
“Fang? Is Max going to be okay?”
“She’ll be fine, Angel.”
“You’re lying.”
“Iggy stitched her up, she’ll be fine.”
“Guys! Quit it!”
“She’s waking up.”
“Max? Can you hear me?”

“Fang?” I winced, touching my head. I opened my eyes a tiny bit and then closed them. “How bad?”
He touched the back of his hand to my cheek. “Well, you’re awake, so that’s something.”
I was too miserable to laugh. I opened my eyes to Fang’s face four inches away, hovering above me. I must have been in his lap the whole time.
I tried to raise my head, relieved to find the whole flock here, but Fang held me down. “Don’t sit up, you might re-open your cuts.”
“Then bandage me up, dimwit. Let me up,” I growled.
Fang looked pleadingly at Iggy, who looked at me and said, “Fang, she has a point.”
I gave him a unholy ‘buahaha’ kind of look.
Fang and Nudge balanced me over both their legs so Iggy could bandage up my midsection. I felt like crap, and my stitches stung when they were finished.
Then Fang did the unimaginable; he sat me on his lap and held me there with his arms around my shoulders.
My face was probably burning red like some, uh, girl getting held by the guy she likes.
Only I do NOT like Fang. Bad Max.
I growled, which only made him shake with laughter and hold me tighter.
Of course, Iggy is blind, and could not see this, so he went ahead and told me that I’d have to stay immobile for about a week. That just made me angrier.
I felt Fang grin into my hair.

Dun, dun, duuuun. Anyway, i hoped you liked it! These are sooo fun to write! Review! Review! Review!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fax, Fax, Fax, Fax, FAAAAAAX (newman, stay away from this post)

Hey, Kristina, guess what? *fax*


okay, continuing off last post, don't forget to comment!!! Very important!:
All of us were in our pajamas. Ig and Fang wore only their fleece pajama pants.
“Okay, guys! Hurry up! I’ve got a really good – well, okay, two really good ideas! Do you think–”
I clamped my hand over Nudge’s mouth.
We all situated ourselves around in a circle. There were two couches. One that fit two people, and one that fit three. Iggy and the Gasman sat with Angel on the three-person, and Fang and I sat on the two. Nudge was sprawled out on the floor like she’d been dropped, her wings spread out around her.
After a few seconds of silence I finally said, “Uh…who wants to go first?”
Fang spread one wing over the side of the couch, and one behind me to make himself comfortable. “Not me,” he said.
Nudge looked like she was bursting. “I’LL GO!!” she called out.
“Go ahead,” I said.
“Okay, Gazzy!?” she said. “Truth or Dare?”
Gazzy pondered. Finally he said, “Uh…truth?”
Nudge grinned. “Okay…what is the fastest time you’ve ever cleared a room?”
Gazzy thought. “I’d have to say a few weeks ago when we were watching a movie in this room, and I did a fart-bomb…”
Everyone grimaced, remembering.
“…that was SO AWESOME!!!” he said excitedly.
“Now you get to ask someone truth or dare,” Nudge informed him.
“Hm…Max. Truth or dare?” he asked.
“Dare,” I said firmly.
“Cool. Kiss Fang.” Gazzy said with an evil grin.
“Gazz…” I said disapprovingly.
He threw up his hands in surrender. “Hey, you never specified rules,” he said innocently.
I flushed, but turned and kissed Fang on the cheek.
“Hey!” Gazzy said.
“You never specified either,” I said. Fang’s impassive face broke with a rare smile. “Nudge, Truth or Dare?” I asked.
Nudge giggled. “Truth.”
“What is the one thing you want most right now?” I said, smiling. This could be good.
Nudge thought for a few minutes. “Root Beer,” she finally decided.
We all laughed.
“Iggy, truth or dare?” she asked.
He raised his eyebrows in a ‘bring it on’ gesture. “Dare.”
She thought for a minute. “Go get me some Root Beer!” she laughed.
We all joined her, except for Fang, who never laughs.
Ig grinned. “Yes, your highness,” he said, then got up and pulled a can of soda out of the fridge. “That’s Sprite, Iggy,” Angel giggled.
He put it back in the fridge and pulled out another. “This it?”
“Yep, thanks!” Nudge sang as he handed it to her. She popped the lid open and took a deep swig.
Iggy sat down. “Angel,” he grinned. “Truth or dare?”
She smiled an Angelic smile, obviously reading his mind, and said, “Dare,” then ran over to him and gave him a big hug. “I love you too,” she said, and my heart gave a little squeeze.
“Fang,” she said, getting my attention after this touching moment. “Truth or Dare?”
“Dare,” he said. I instantly regretted his decision.
“Kiss Max,” she said, grinning. “On the lips.”
I glared at her.
Then I felt Fang’s gently hand under my chin, and his lips pressed softly against mine, and then he angled his head to kiss me deeper.
It went on and on.
Finally, someone had to cough. Ig. And I knew the game was over. “Geez, get a room, you two,” he groaned. “I may be blind, but I’m not deaf.”
“Fang? What does ‘make out’ mean?” Angel asked innocently.
We broke apart, both breathing raggedly, but Fang managed to laugh.
Gazzy got up. “Ha! You guys can clear a room faster than me!” he said, leaving.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Okay, I'm Writing A Fafiction

WARNING: If you have trouble reading romance fanfics, you might not want to tune in when I post more!


“Hey, Max?”
“Yeah, sweetie?” I called back.
I was sitting in my room listening to music. We (the Flock) had found an abandoned cabin up in a forgotten town in, yes, Colorado. Our favorite state. Iggy, with the help of the Gasman, had rigged up the electricity so it worked again. All the furniture was still there, even an old computer.
Of course, we still had to make those random expedition to Wall Mart with the Max Card every so often, but hey.
“Will you play ‘Truth or Dare’ with me and Nudge? We’re bored.” She made Bambi eyes.
Ug! “Sure, sweetie,” I said, swinging my legs over the side of my bed. I followed Angel down the hall towards the family room.
“What’cha doing?” Iggy asked offhandedly as we walked past his room.
“Truth or Dare,” I said. “Wanna play?”
“Uh…” he hesitated.
‘Please?’ I whispered desperately.
He rolled his sightless eyes. “Fang! Gazzy! We’re playing Truth or Dare in the family room.”
They both poked their heads out of their rooms.
“Why?” the Gasman asked.
“Because Angel wants to,” I quipped.
Fortunately, Gazzer usually doesn’t need a better answer than that. Anything for Angel. So he opened his door wider and followed the three of us down the hall. Fang followed after him. Nudge was bouncing up and down on the couch she sat on, obviously full of a million truths and dares to throw at us.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Got Really Mad Today And Now I Feel Really Bad. :(

(first of all, i've posted more on my writing blog. so check my links and go to it and read! thanks!)

So I have this issue with certain noises because I have advaced, special hearing that I can't stand. Like people's chewing, for instance. I. Can't. Stand. The sound of someone smacking on their gum! And people with colds. They sniff, they cough, you feel like you wanna just hit them or something because they won't freaking blow their nose.

I guess it could be compared to fingernails on a chalkboard. We all know how that sounds. Now imagine every bodily noise other than talking sounding like that. Chewing, blowing noses, sniffing, coughing, doing that annoying boom-chicka-boom-boom guys are doing these days with their mouth, and then there's eating out of chip bags. The crinkling. It's irritating.

Never, ever, joke about any of these things with me because chances are I am going to hit you with all my might. Like, not what I do to Michael in art; playful punching. This is full on "i'm gonna kill you" punching and I do it until you stop.

So my brother has a cold, and he is now sniffing and snorting, and coughing to the extent that i feel like punching him with all my might. And he's doing this in the car!
And then he starts chewing his gum with his mouth open, smacking annoyingly.
So I ask him. "What are you eating?"
"Can you maybe not smack, and chew with your mouth closed?"
"Why does this bother you so much?"
"It just does," I retort angrily. "Now can you please just stop before I hit you?"
Then mom pipes up from the front seat. "Steph, would it kill you to just let it go?"
That's IT. "Look. I. Can't. Help. If. This. Makes. Me. Mad!!! I can't help it if I was born with freaking amazing hearing!! I want it gone. I don't care if God gave it to me for some ability, I DON'T NEED IT!!"
Daniel thinks this is a great time to come it, "Grumpy gills?"
I glare angrily, clenching my fists.
Kristen, "It's not very nice."
"Can we try and be happy?" Daniel asks in a chipper voice.
Daniel, offended. "But can't you be nice?" Chipper, chipper, chipper.
"STOP GIVING ME SO MUCH FREAKING CRAP ABOUT IT!!" I shout at him, "You always do this! Every time I get mad, you always just try and make me hit you! You try!"
"I do not!"
"You do! I HATE IT! It just makes me want to hit you! You want me to get in trouble!"
"No I don't!" Oh, so innocent. }:K
Mom hates it when i'm this mad. "Have you prayed for it to go away? You need to control your anger better. Are you just going to be this way all your life?"
"Sure! God won't take it away! What can I do? Pretend it doesn't happen? I can't do that!"
"You need to be in better control of your anger."
"Have you prayed about it today?"
I stop my rant, heart beating loudly in my throat. "...no." I say quietly.
The car ride is silent from there until I got home. When I got out, I didn't talk to anybody, I didn't even say 'hi' to Bo. I still haven't talked to anybody.

Now i feel aweful.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hey! Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. If any of you have a facebook, you'd understand completely. I got one, and it's sort of addicting for the first month or so...

So last night was White Elephant at Youth Group. It was really fun! Everyone brought goodies to eat and someone brought a bunch of egg nogg (I <3 EGG NOGG!!!) so we sat around and filled ourselves up and watched Josh and Jordan do a ninja contest, and Steve, Caleb, Alex, and Anderson play football with a shoe. Anderson's Shoe. Intense stuff, man.

We played bucketball (pretty much just like ultamate frisby mixed with tackle football and basketball. Will post directions at bottom of post) and the Girls/Leaders won against the Boys! It was SWEET. And after, all the boys were complaining that the whole thing was rigged. I guess they're just not used to getting wupped by girls! Better get used to it.

The Middle School'rs won the semester long battle for the 'Trophy of Greatness'. It (the Trophy of Greatness) is made up of a Cadalac hubcap attached to a bunch of bike parts. Blacklock made it and it's SWEET. So, now us Middle School'rs get a dinner on Blacklock to anywhere we want! Isn't that cool?

And after that, we did White Elephant! I brought a gift of two pillows (one reading 'Chill' on one side, and 'Out' on the other, and another that looks like a 'Tropical Jelly Belly Mix' bag) wrapped in pointcettia wrapping paper, and Sarah Smith was like, "OH MY GOSH I GET STEPH'S GIFT NOBODY TOUCH IT!!" And then she didn't end up with it. It was pretty sad.
I recieved a box inside a box, inside a box, inside a box, inside a box with candles in it. I think i'll put my money in it. Make it difficult for robbers to get to the middle without me waking up ;)


Let me just get this out here: I write in my spare time!


In art, Michael, Kristina, and I have an inside joke where I have two moms (Karen and Liegh, Michael has two dads (Baubra and Kathrine), and Kristina's family is polygamist (Hahaha).
Our teacher thinks we're nuts.

I'M FINE, REALLY!! o_0 *rocks back and forth in fetal position*