Sunday, March 16, 2008

I had a weird dream

I had this dream where my younger brother and his friend were running after me and my brother started roundhouse kicking me in the head. (the weird thing there is I'm the only kid in my family who can roundhouse kick and my brother is a head shorter so there is no possible way he could get his foot high enough up there to kick my head. Let alone roundhouse kick it.)
And i kept telling him to stop it, his friend was laughing hysterically. But he wouldn't stop! He kept telling me that i kick him all the time and i was like, I don't kick you in the head! But eventually i woke up.

Then i had a dream i was sitting in karate class waiting to see if i got my purple belt. My instructor gave the other green belt, Chris, his belt first, then gave everybody their belts. I was feeling really bad that i didn't get a purple belt, then at the end of class, just as i walked out, he gave it to me. I am so glad that didn't happen in real life!
But then our purple belts looked like the belts that some people had that were more lavender than actual purple (It made you want to go up to them and say, "Hey, nice lavender belt." ) And that kind of sucked.

Then i had a dream we were in the lunch room at school, and we were having some sort of protest thing. We moved the tables around a lot. That dream was sooo booorrriiinnggg...