Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Night Games

Okay, my hands are totally frozen thanks to these stupid night games that the kids in my coldisac (<==can't spell to save my life :D) play at night; so if i make a typo, that's why.

So i was the oldest one there with three kids one year younger, and one kid three years younger. Two of the kids in the three kids category were boyfriend/girlfriend. Isn't that sweet? (ick). I don't even have a boyfriend (not that i want one).

So let's review what we played:

  • Kick the can: you kick the stupid can.
  • Power Outage (<==tiring): you run around the coldisac (<==can't spell) while somebody counts down from whatever number under ten they prefer and people run around and hide...try and make it back to base.
  • Mummy Come Alive (on the tramp): who doesn't know how to play this batch of fun? (not)
  • Hide and Seek: same thing

I got bored and went home. My brother is still up there...*checks watch* 8:53 PM.

I TESTED FOR PURPLE BELT TODAY!!!! I hope i make it! Two from black!! (<==highlight of the day)