Sunday, March 30, 2008

Omg. Check this out!

New favorite song! Everyone Like Me, by Thousand Foot Krutch

And i got a new phone!!! Samsung SCH-740 (if you care to Google Image it)

And I got the next two Twilight books!!! New Moon and Eclipse. Omgosh my FAVORITE!!!! Provided it doesn't have any witchcraft or anything in it... my mom'd kill me. (not literally, but she'd be angry i actually bought them.

I went to Barns & Nobel with my friend Carli and her Mom, and i bought those books for 40$. So they'd better be good 'cause i spent my grade money on them! And i convinced Carli to get a Skillet CD with one of my favorite songs on it; The Last Night. (If you care to YouTube it; or live ==>
I love YouTube.
Heh, and Michael kept calling me for no particular reason, so i just turned my phone off! :D Sorry, Michael. *snicker*
You can take videos on my phone for 15 seconds, so i did half my kata. ==> Heian Godan;
But if Josh gets this URL (*cough* Michael, I'll pummle you if you give it to him), I just want him to know that I can kick both Colton and his butt if i want to! Unless Harrison interferes...

But that's the scoop on today. Bye!