Monday, April 7, 2008

If I don't like M&M's...does that make me weird?

Yeah, you got me right. I do not like M&M's!!! They smell gross, they taste even worse, and they come in colors like yellow. Who eats yellow chocolate?? Not me anyway...

I finally correctly learned my kata, Haein Godan. Apparently I was doing it wrong.

I finished Eclipse in three days.

I feel like writing another novel, but i don't have enough time to do it! I wish i did because i have a really good idea for one!!! It goes along the lines of "somebody got shot and i'm following their best friend after they die". Michael is calling me an emo because i wrote a section and it was apparently really sad.

I love having the ability to trigger emotions in people when i write! It's really fun! :D

NYURG!! I forgot what i was going to say!!!

Oh, yeah! Michael ditched class because he was tired after texting my best friend, Ruby, until twelve.

?????? hello??????? she's my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just figured out Indescribable (by Chris Tomlin) on the piano. I have this freakishly cool gift of sounding things out on the piano. I figured out Stand in the Rain (by Superchic[k]). It is sooooo cool!
When i was in second or third grade (and obsessed with horses [what little girl wasn't? *neigh*]) i figured out the theme from Spirit on the piano.

Ohmygosh have you guys seen Mr. Bean's Holiday??? It is soooooo funny!!!!

My weekend in a nutshell. [emphesis on nut]