Saturday, May 10, 2008

:D The Host!!!

I bought The Host today (a Stephenie Meyer book). I don't really get it. Yet. But i will. This thing is a really big book. Like, super-T-uber huge. It's 619 pages long and 36 lines to each page.

this is gonna take a whole week to read! (i read Eclipse in three days, just to give you perspective)

My dad's like, "You could spend your money on more important things...then you wouldn't be so broke all the time."

He's totally right about the 'being broke all the time', but to me, nothing else is worth buying. I mean, there aren't any toys [that i want] for kids my age. I just, totally uninterested.
And my mom buys my clothing [note that i choose it out]. So that helps with the budget a lot. A lot of kids buy their own clothes if their parents won't buy it for them. I...never go that far.

so lets just leave it at this: I BUY ALL THE BOOKS I READ!! anybody who is against it can go eat peas.

wait i take that back. I check out the Alex Rider books from the library.

EAT PEAS!!! 0oOo0oo *yum*