Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun in the Sun with Deflated Bikes

Ruby came over this weekend (friday-sunday) and it was fun.
So we rode bikes we found in my garage. Deflated ones.
okay my dad's wasn't deflated, so i rode that one.
But still.
So we went to the grocery store and bought a huge Snapple iced tea, peach, and one of those cesar salads that Sara always has at lunch.
Then we ride home and find my brother there, and we can't leave for awhile because mom said that if we left, he had to come with us. And he ended up coming with us to the park to eat lunch. Then we went back to the house with him and went back to the store and got another cesar because it was so good (plus an Arazona raspberry tea that tasted like crap and two pastries from the store's bakery; and we rented Juno and National Treasure 2). And we ate it in the lawn of the little clubhouse/'church' at the corner of our parkway.
I don't know what the nit picks who take care of that tidy little patch would think, but hey.
We watched Juno.
If you've ever made caramel corn, you'd know that it's hard to do.
We watched National Treasure 2.
And then today we rode to DazBog Coffee and got smoothies (that were on the house) and then to the Bundt Shop and got weenyature cakes that were amazing.

We went to the new house (for those of you that don't know, we're moving to a 35 acre ranch and are redoing the house)
We jumped on the tramp for an hour.
We sat around and ate wheat thins.
We climbed out the window and onto the roof.
We went home.
We watched National Treasure yet again.
Ruby took a nap and i read a book.
I woke her up.
We ate dinner.
I texted Michael on her phone and he thought he was talking to her. XD
We went to Target.
Ruby went home.

I MISS YOU!!! (Ruby, you left your yearbook here by the way :\ ) oops.

sooooo... yeah.


Emmie said...

sounds like a fun weekend.
My weekend has been pretty. well...boring.


ruby said...

i no. you are like the only person i don't leave stuff at there house. well thats now gone.

Kristina said...

was juno good? i sooooo wanna see that movie! i watched national treasure 2 too! you have a trampoline?! me too!!!! :)

griffinrider said...

yummmmmmmmm...caesar salad and snapple........

Anonymous said...

(why hasn't Michael posted ranting about how he thought he was talking to ruby, but really was talking to you, and getting some ideas of what to say from me and mother?)

Bluemaster said...

juno was not a funny moivce...but it was funny...steph is also quite the person 2 make you ya..i took that thing of fmy ya! will you lz add me 2 your links???? PLZ!!!! .... PlZ AND TRHANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!1

Steph said...

No. I'm not gonna add you to my links.