Monday, July 21, 2008

So the Day has Finally Come

We are moving today.

Kinda weird after living in one place for 12 years, right? So my room's all packed up and bare and it's really sad.
;'() oooohhhh!

Okay. I have a new blog for writing bits.
I don't know how often I'll post because of moving (we're gonna have to leave the computer over here for awhile, and take showers here :(

And there's, like, vermin everywhere. We bought, like, fifteen mouse traps and ten poison 'feeders' (i snicker at that all the time), and i had to set three in the basement and saw a big fat beetle the size of a quarter crawling on the floor chasing some black disgusting insect.
ew! ew!! Ew!! Ew! EW! EWWW!!!!
*shutter* *shutter* *shutter* *SHUTTER*

So I'll post again when we're moved in and come back over to clean 'The House in the Nude'.


Kristen said...

2 things. All said in sisterly love. :)

1. Don't say like so much!!!

2. It's shudder!!!!!!!!!!! SHUTTERS are the things on the sides of windows. SHUDDER is when you shiver with fear or something.