Friday, August 15, 2008

I HATE SCHOOL!! optimism...*inhales, exhales*

I got on a weird team. I'm on the Mountaineers and, um, it's maybe a little weird?? Dude, i mean my science teacher's making us do Survivor Science. ???. Yeah, weird? And we have 'L' points? What's the flip with that? And i had to color a picture for science with a key that made it look like a blind person designed it (no offence, Iggy)
Then we do this thing in math, Magic Gopher??? "Oh, it's okay if you don't get it." I GET IT!!! I WANT OUT OF IT!!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT BUS ROUTE ASSIGNED!!! GGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH...!!!!

Sorry. I'm such a pessimist. I get ahead of myself. So I'll flatter you all with optimism.
*calm...* deeeeep breath *inhales* *exhales*
God made the trees, the lovely trees. He made the grass, so lush and green. He made the spider i found so fantastically creepy this morning in the kitchen at 5:45. The one my dog helped me kill. It was so wonderful. I went to my school, my lovely school. I am so blessed to be among the world's fortunate.
I love my life. I would never, ever want to go to school aaaanywhere else. I love where i live now. It's so peaceful.

*bursts out laughing*


Kristen said...


you're going crazy. I shall have to tell mother to put you in an asylum...

ruby said...

i have to do that survivor science thing to. its so dumb. but its really fun cause we are making it'fun'