Sunday, September 21, 2008

Uuuurg!!! I hate piano!!

Okay. So I'm, like, reaaally over jealous of Kristen's skills on the piano. You could plop a random piece of music in front of her, and she could play it.
I, on the other hand, cannot read notes to save my life.
On the cello it's different. One note equals a certain position on the cello. Like, first finger on the D string. If you asked me what note that was, I'd tell you that i don't know.
But on the piano, I'm just handicapped.

I was practicing today, and realized that if i took my little key for figuring out cello notes (base cleff) and applied it to the piano, i could read the base cleff. I knew the song sounded like on the piano, 'cause I've heard Kristen play that before.
I can play by ear, so i put two and two together and got music. I read the base cleff notes, and played the trouble cleff by ear. I felt pretty dang proud of myself. It sounded good, I could play music! This was great! Now I'm--
"Are you actually reading, or just sounding it out?" Kristen is standing behind me.
"Um...i can read base cleff now. I just know what it sounds like."
"It sounds really plunky."

My happy glow fails, and my bubble bursts. My breakthrough has been repaired to it's original state. "Oh."
I thought i was doing really well.

Thanks a lot, Kristen.

I put another chapter on my writing blog. So go read it.