Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paradise Playground RUN IT'S AN EMPLOYEE!!

Okay! So on Friday, me and a bunch of people from Youth Group went to Paradise Playground, which is not paradise by any stretch of the imagination. The employees kept yelling at you if you jumped on something wrong, or if you did something you shouldn't. And then the guy employees kept looking at the girls weirdly and pervertedly.

But it was a heck of a night! IT WAS SO FUN!

There was a room full of lazars you had to try and duck like in Get Smart and there was Mission: Impossible music playing. Steve lost. He ran through ALL of them. Caleb came in second to last.

And there was this one thing called 'Jurrasic Adventure' which was basically a inflatable castle with two inflatable triceratops heads on one side, and two inflatable long-necks (watchamacall'em) on the other (and if you sit right in the middle, you get stuck in the hole the air comes in [i got stuck, and so did Carli, and so did Mason, and so did Steve]), and then in the middle, there's an inflatable volcano you climb up and you can slide down either side.

So Rabekka, Sara Smith, and I were hanging out at the top, and Blacklock and a bunch of the boys (and Carli) started to grab the ropes you climb up and pull on them. They would have pulled the whole thing down, had the employees not screamed for them to stop. Then Sarah all of the sudden screams and falls down one side.

Then later we did an obstical course and the girls won. :D Yay!


over and out,