Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're On A Bridge, Caleb!

Youth Group 11-12-08:

My mom always bakes things for the youth group because, well, nobody else does. And let's face it, we've got waaay to many teenage boys shooting up like asparagus. So we walk in, and everyone's like "FOOOD!!" and we're tackled by a herd of boys.

Anderson donated a foose-ball table, so four of us (Carli and me vs. Jeeter and Makayla) all play until everyone's wrists and my stabbed thumb hurt. So then Carli and I kind of circled around social circles, avoiding conversations that sound boring, until we get to the Rabecca, Rachel, Sarah Smith, Steve, and Caleb circle.
Steven gave me a high five, and Rabecca said that the noise bothered her, so we did it again. Then he gave Carli one while Caleb and I high fived, and then I clapped in her face and she jumped. Then Caleb clapped in my face, so i clapped in his, and then Carli's, and then Steve's. Then Steve's like, "Did you seriously just do that?"
"Yeah," I counter.
Stare down.

Then after the lesson, Carli, Blacklock, and I were talking and Caleb just walks up and says, "We're on a briiidge, Steph."
My brain goes Oh! I know that! So I say, "We're on a briiidge, Caleb! A magical bridge of hope and won-derrr..."
And then Carli's like, "We're going to the Happy Canyon, Car-liiii!"

Yaaay, Mystery Night's on friday! Can't wait!