Sunday, January 18, 2009


I think I lost my jump drive. At the movie theatre. Like, yesterday, Steve and Caleb called me and asked if Kristen and I wanted to go to the movies with them because they were bored, so we went and saw Yes Man at 3:30. We got our Icees and sat down, and I think my drive was in my pocket and fell out.


I am SOOO mad.

But then the funny part about going with them was that they thought we had a ride, so when we went to the bathroom, they started walking back to Steve's house, so when we got out, they were gone. So Kristen and I thought they might be in the bathroom, so we sat at a bench and waited.

...and waited.

...and waited.

and they eventually didn't show up so we called Steve's mom to see if she had Caleb's cell phone number (because I don't have it) and she asked if we needed a ride to her house ('cause that's where we were originally planning). So we said we did, and she came to pick us up right as Dad called back (we'd called him a million times), and he told us he was picking. us. up.
and he sounded really scary, too.

But apparently Caleb and Steve got yelled at by Steve's mom because she's really protective of girls (and especially us because she's known us since we were little and she has three sons). It was all really sad.

but so, so, funny.


☽ruby☾ said...

question. why would you have your jump drive with to go see a movie? :/

Steph said...

because i have a habit of keeping it on me. *cough* newman *cough*

Kristina said...

steph that's not good. bad.