Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Other Half of Chapter 11 of My Fanfiction

Noooo!!! Obama's President!!! I'm gonna cryyyy!!!! *bawls*

But I found my jump drive in my Dad's car. No idea how it got there...but yeah.



It was snowing and it was pretty cold. Mom made us all put on coats and take flashlights to go look for him. Angel stayed close to me and held my hand as we swept yet another street with flashlights calling out Total’s name. Angel started to cry, so Fang picked her up and held her as we kept searching.
The bad thing about Total being a talking dog is that we can’t just go to the Dumb Friends League and pick up a beagle. No. We have to get Total back. And if he dies, it will feel like a flock member dying.
“Fang? Maybe we should go in and call it a day,” I suggested, shivering.
Angel had fallen asleep over his shoulder with her face pressed into his neck. His neck was frosted over a bit from where he’d been crying on him.
“Maybe,” was all Fang said.
Just then, we heard the Gasman screech, “Total!”
Iggy with Ella, and Nudge ran over to where his voice was heard. Fang looked at me and hugged Angel closer, and we walked over too.
Before we reached it, Iggy turned back to us with a little frozen heap of black fur. I whimpered. “He’s not breathing, but he might have a chance because he’s frozen,” Iggy said. “Let’s get him back to your mom, Max.”
We all quickened our pace and headed back to the house.

“Mom? Mom!?” Ella yelled into the house. “We found him, but I—we think he’s dead.”
Dr. Martinez ran and grabbed her stuff. “Get him on the kitchen table on a clean towel,” she instructed, “I need to get something.”
Iggy set him on the table. Angel was awake now, and she sat at one of the chairs stroking his ice-crusted fur. “It’s gonna be okay, Total,” she told him.
I don’t know where my mother got electric paddles, but she brought them in. “Someone start chest compressions on him, try and get his heart started,” she instructed, hooking up the electrical cords.
“Oh, God,” Nudge moaned as Iggy started pressing his hands on the dog’s chest and leaning in and off.
“No change,” he said, when he stopped and listened to the Total’s heart.
Clear,” Dr. Martinez said, coming for him with the paddles and pressing them down.
Total flopped limply on the table as electricity overwhelmed his body.
No change.
Dr. Martinez tried again. “Clear.”
No change. Angel’s mouth curved down severely, threatening another outburst of tears. I gathered her in my arms and she wept into my chest.


Ginny said...


leave_me_alone said...

Dude, you're such a die hard repub... Chill. I think it's a good thing that Obama's taken over.. Maybe this time, we can fix the crap that's been going on in our country... Tell me one right thing Bush did when he was in office? No, going to Iraq was a horrible idea! Also, we got back in debt with Bush as a president. (I'm not saying he's bad, just not what I thought he would be).. Before Bush became a president, we had Clinton. (A democrat...) When he was in office, other countries actually owed us money instead of the other way around.

Carrie said...

What???? Sorry, the Clintons frighten me. And I'm pretty sure our massive national debt was not nonexistent during a democratic presidency. Need I remind you that Obama is planning on MAKING MONEY to pay the citizens? Borrowing against itself, no alternatives? Sorry, feel better now. Coping with Obama. And good chappie, Steph.

Sara said...

I don't care who is prez as long as we don't end up in boxes living on the streets waiting for other countries to come blow us up because they hate us so badly.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Glad you found your jump drive!

Steph said...

(RE: Sara) Hear hear!