Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mexico on the Horizon

:D Yay! I'm on my way to getting to go to Oaxaca this summer!
Last night, I spend, what? Like, four hours writing and adressing ten support letters to some families that I know from church and my extended reletives. Hopefully someone will send me money so I can lighten my dept of $1,150. It kinda costs a lot for the transportation to even get to Oaxaca, and then the bus to get to Tlaxiaco, a small village in the mountains. It's in Southern Mexico.
Apparently, Tlaxiaco isn't your typical Mexico vacation. It's cold. You do not want to bring only shorts and t-shirts, because you will freeze.
From what my sister said about it last year, this is going to be a blast. And a lot of my friends are going (including Porpoise and EmoSqueeesh). This could be interesting.
And apparently, one year, Josh Chang jumped off the railing at the Base and onto a van. And then Kelsey freaked out because she was like 'youth group Mommy' until she graduated and went off to college.
I have to go now, I have church and after that, Mexico Meeting.
More on this later,


Spencer said...

what about the pig thing thats killing everyone

Steph said...

I try not to think about that. And if I do die, it won't be in vain.