Sunday, March 23, 2008

The best is yet to come

Sweet. I got changed out of my pink attire (shutters) after i got home. So I'm okay now. We went to church for a few hours. Ken (the pastor) talked about death and life. It was really cool. And then he told a story about a lady who told her pastor she wanted to plan her funeral. So he comes over to her house and they sit down. She tells him about the type of music she wants to have playing, the flowers, and one other thing...she wants a fork to be placed in her hands. He goes, "Why?!".

She answered, "Because when i was a little girl, my grandmother would have us all eat at the table together. And at the end, she'd take all our dishes while telling us to stay seated. Then she'd say 'By the way, keep your fork'. And that always meant that we'd have dessert; the best was yet to come. So when people come by my casket and see the fork, they'll ask you, 'What's with the fork?'. Then you'll answer, 'The best is yet to come.'"

I thought that was a cool story, and we got plastic forks in our bulletins!

It's Friday...and it's dark, Jesus is dead, death reigns...but Sunday's commin'! And Jesus will rise, and death will be defeated! The curten was torn down! It's Friday, but Sunday's commin'!
(and it's already here, so we're okay)


Kristen said...

Stephy? Shutters are what are on the outside of your window. Did you mean shudders?

What did the "best is yet to come" symbolize?

I really liked the story, but could you explain what the significance of what "the best is yet to come is?"


steph said...

the best is yet to come means that heaven is what is best to come. I MEANT CURTAINS!!!!

*brings out DDR pad and does happy dance* I made purple belt!!

Emmie said...

Jesus Rocks! I'm so glad he loves us to death! (literally)

Congrats on the Purple Belt!
Purple is a coolio color.
DDR is awesome!