Sunday, March 23, 2008

Up from the grave he ARROOSE!!!

Hey. Happy Easter! Today is one of the only days in the year that I willingly wear pink. I HATE pink. Pink is the color of...i weenie dog's belly. Not the coolest color. And, Ruby, I'm wearing the same outfit you saw me wearing after my cello recital.
Gaaaaahhh! I'm gonna die!!!
I mean, I love what Easter is and what it stands for...I just wish we celebrated it differently. And God probably doesn't even care what I'm wearing! Is it a rule that i must wear pastel colors?


Kristen said...

God DOES care what you're wearing! Dark colors like you normally wear on Easter would symbolize...darkness, sin...ect. When we wear Pastel colors, it symbolizes Spring and New life!
God also wants you to show that you respect Him enough to make an effort to dress up for him. Don't you remember the talks we used to get when we were little? LOL

steph said...

But he...oh...your right. He rose on sunday, so i'd be wearing...clothes? It's not a wedding. And he knows we respect him! I can be pink on the INSIDE!!