Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Playlist of Favorite Songs

See, Michael? Christian rock isn't weird!

Stand in the Rain, Superchic[k]

The Last Night, Skillet

Rebirthing, Skillet

Beauty from Pain, Superchic[k]

Friend like That, Hawk Nelson (!!!!!)

Zero, Hawk Nelson (!!!!!)

Things We Go Through, Hawk Nelson (!!!!!)

and of course,
Everyone Like Me, Thousand Foot Krutch

Here's some Christian Rap, by KJ 52:

If you want to hear more of my favorite bands, go to and look up any of the bands above.


Emmie said...

I love Superchic[k]! Stand in the Rain is definately a great song! and so is Beauty from Pain.
I also love KJ-52!


Nano said...

Heck yes!!! Superchic[k], KJ-52, Hawk Nelson, oh yeah!!!