Monday, April 21, 2008


This weekend I went to Spring Fling at Young Life Ranch (Bueno Vista) with my youth group (or at least the middle school). IT WAS AMAZING!!! We had awesome worship music, good food (Brian our youth leader sucked a peice of spagettii up his nose and out through his mouth! It was so cool!), and CRUD WARS!!!

We split up into groups for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Then they brought out large trashcans full of instant mashed potatoes. They blew a whistle and we ran like heck to grab handfuls of it and chuck it at our friends!!! It was so fun!!!
It gets messier...
Then they brought out trashcans full of moist, soggy, soft, dog food. It smelled so gross. And we got to chuck that at other people too!!! And then some got on my glasses, and i almost heaved (it smelled worse than crap left in the sun).
And it gets even messier...
Then we got to slather each other in shaving cream!!! Caleb made an awesome mowhawk with it.

Then it took about an hour to clean up.
But if you're Christian, and you live in Denver, you should totally talk your youth group into going because it is so flipping awesome!!


Emmie said...

that sound like sooooo much fun!!!! I want our school to have a giant food fight on the last day of school. I would grab spagetti and apple sauce. I wish I could do that with my friends!