Wednesday, May 14, 2008



My grades have dropped a bit (if you call going from an A to a B dropping) in health. So i'm safe from the Drug-Abuse-Safety-Test-monsters.

I can't beleive i actually got a bad grade on that test! I mean, really, who [when being peer-pressured] actually stops and says to themselves, "Oh, S.T.O.P.!! Okay, um... 'S': Say no."

Really? That's just messed up. I mean so what if i don't know what the type of drug marajuana is! It's not like i'm ever going to use the dang drug. I'm a Christian. I'm not gonna take drugs! Okay? Can't she grasp that? Urg. I don't like her at all and i am so glad i won't have her as a health teacher next year (if i did, i think i'd die).


Nano said...

Oh, ur Health teacher sounds really.. er.. interesting. I feel your pain. What is it with adults these days?