Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here's for all you Twilight fans; 1st chapter of Midnight Sun. (Sara, don't read this!!! It'll ruin the series as you know it!!)

(Actually, that goes for all readers who haven't finished/read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse)

Also, here are a bunch of the main characters from the movie's pictures:

Bella: Kristen Stewart
Edward: Robert Pattinson (the guy in front [blue shirt])
Charlie: Billy Burke
Renee: Sarah Clarke
Alice: Ashley Greene
Rosalie: Nikki Reed
Jasper: Jackson Rathbone
Emmett: Kellen Lutz
Carlisle: Peter Facinelli
Esme: Elizabeth Reaser
Mike Newton: Michael Welch
Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner
James: Cam Gigandet
Laurent: Edi Gathegi


Nano said...

Ah!!! I keep meaning to buy that book. Twilight, I mena. One of my friends said she'd bring to me, but so far, nothing.