Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last Day of SCHOOL!!

Yesterday was the last day of school!!! Yay. Everyone do a happy dance.
But we didn't do anything.

here's my schedule of yesterday:
Social Studies: Common Assessment
P.E.: we watched a really stupid baseball movie (Rookie) *cough*
Science: we raced balloons, but i didn't want to, and neither did Aspen or Natalie. So we talked to the boys at our table, and then one of them signed Natalie's yearbook with a ton of bad words and she got him suspended for the first week of school. (okay, that was entertaining).
Language Arts: we watched Madagascar. Again.
Math: we looked at optical illusions. Ooooh...
Orchestra: we finished Toy Story 2
Art: we played pictionary.
Assembely: a ton of people talked, they played a slide show, and Mr. Corr proposed to Ms. Ambrose. (???) No really, it was sweet.
Then we went home and i hopefully won't see anyone i don't like until next year!

Things i'm doing this summer:

  1. We're moving to a ranch; five miles from our current house.
  2. I'm going to horse camp
  3. I'm going to get very bored when my sister goes to Mexico for a missions trip for over a week
  4. We might get more dogs
  5. We might get alpackas
  6. I'm building a fort in the 35 acres of shrub oak we happen to own
  7. I'm going to make money by getting jobs

Things i'm doing today:

  1. Work for money
  2. (maybe) play with Carli
  3. Work at the ranch (it doesn't happen to be done)
  4. Play on the Sims 2 and save before i quit this time.

Okay...that's pretty much it.


Anonymous said...

Steph! You finally changed you blog layout to something happier! I'm such a proud big sister now...

Maybe another thing that you could work on this summer is not so much sarcasm? :)

And, I'm sorry i'm going to be gone for 9 days! But I will have an absolute blast...and I'll be an only child for a week when you go to horse count your blessings.

love, Kristen

Kristina said...

steph! i got a blog (but there's nothing onit yet).

Emmie said...

No fair! I don't get out of school till june 10th!

ruby said...

sound like you are going to have a pretty sweeet summer lol