Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yearbook Day!!! (it's finally here!)

We got our yearbooks today, and they're actually really cool! They look like composition notebooks. As usual, i can't smile, and look like an idiot, while half the guys and a fourth of the other girls can smile better.
I however, just, am incapable. It sucks.

We didn't do anything today but watch movies and sign yearbooks. Like, in Social Studies; old Australia films *cough* boring. Health and LA; we watched Madagascar. And Colten and his friend played patty-cake in front of my desk (?!? crazy?). Science; The Magic School Bus. Math; signed yearbooks. Orchestra; Toy Story 2 (??). Art; cleaned and signed yearbooks. After that; went into the gym and [yet again] signed yearbooks.

and i curiously only ended up with 15 signatures. 5 of them thanking me for letting them borrow my books and introducing them to Maximum Ride (pix 1 and 2, both faxness) and Twilight.

Christina tried to get me to ask Colten to sign my yearbook, and i didn't. Then she tried to get me to ask Josh to sign my yearbook, and i almost did. But still didn't.

But overall [except for, like, the last hour of school] i think i could have ditched. Just a thought.