Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday was so awesome. I got $40 for working for a family at our church.

I vacuumed with an awesome vacuum cleaner (it had a ton of parts that you connected for different jobs), I dusted with a feather duster, I made bean dip, I helped prepare chicken, I poured chips into several different bowls, I used Windex on glass tables, and raked pine needles into piles and disposed them into garbage bags.
My sister did most of the cooking for the lady and helped with the outdoors. So all in all, we worked, like, six hours. And we smelled like raw chicken XP ewwwww...

But then we got to go to Starbucks with our money. I heart frapps.


ruby said...

just so you no i can't txt you. my phone went through the washing machine and i don't no if it works or not. but just so you no thats why i won't be responding to any txt. could you tell michael to just so he won't txt me a thousand times asking where i am. thankx.

p.s. pray for my phone. i am so sad and i feel really stupid.

pps. have you ever listened to the beatles. they are flippen amazing