Thursday, June 5, 2008

GAAAH!! so bored....!!!!!

Ugh. I am having a ton of really boring things happen to me lately...huh.

So...yesterday, i

  • got up

  • ate breakfast of half a ginormous muffin (anybody who used to sit at my lunch table would know the size)

  • Then i rode my bike to the store so i could go to the bookmobile; but of course it wasn't there.

  • So i rode back and my sister was like, "You're back already?? That took you twenty minutes!!"

  • We cleaned the house till it was spick-'n'-span so that people could take a look at it to see if they wanted to buy it and then never do...

  • Kristen and I went to Lunch-Bunch with the girls at my youth group. (Kristina, if you ever want to come, it's Wednesdays at noon [call me]). We ate at Sonic, and I got a kids meal :D yay!!! But the hamburger was weensy. :(

  • I read the entire first Maximum Ride book in one afternoon.

  • The new pastor for our church came over and we had dinner. It was so uber delish and i got so full. *Xo*

  • I made Fang and Iggy on my brother's Tony Hawk Underground 2 skateboard video game (cause you can have wings and change the color on them :D)

  • My cat caught the ginormous moth that had taken over the upstairs bathroom. Go Summer!!! =^-^= I love my cat...

  • I went to bed.

and in response to Kristina's fav color thing, i made my own:


Sara said...

Hi steph

griffinrider said...

sounds like you had a very fulfilling day.

Steph said...

Ha ha.

(Hi sara!!)