Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hoooorse Caaaamp!!!

Okay, so tomorrow, i'm going to Eaglelake Horse Camp for a week so i won't be able to blog.
:( sorry.

In the meantime, I'm sitting at my computer eating crutons for breakfast and worrying about the camp being co-ed. Like, as in boys and girls together. (not in the same cabin, thankfully).
I went last year and it was totally fun. I was with my sister (but she can't come because she's going to Mexico for a missions trip and it costs my parents the same amount of money for that then camp when it's cut in half. So, yeah, she's not coming. *sad face*). And it wasn't co-ed, and she was there with me. And my brother wasn't there (and he is this year, just not in horse).

So today, we get to go buy riding boots. Doesn't that sound just so incredebly fun?

The funny thing is, my mom has all these things that she wants me to wear (hence the pink mittons and green hoodie). So i just smile and say "okay! i'll be sure to wear them!" and then don't. I do the same thing for field trips. I mean, she wants me to take four jackets! Am i going to wear them? No!!

So do you remember when I was talking about the book The Host and i said i'd read it in about a week? Well, i got sidetracked when reading it and read the whole Maximum Ride series again but out of order. But i'm starting again. So we're back on track!

Aaugh. I'm sooo hungry. I'm gonna go find something to eat with a little more substance to it.

So, bye for, like, a week.



Anonymous said...

Steph, put michael on your stupid blog links. he's got you on his. he's about it.

Anonymous said...

Who was that?? *points up*

Anyways, I missed you...and sorry I didn't write until today...but yeah.



Steph said...

Anonymous, tell him to deal.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't worry he's "dealing" just fine, we just think it's rather mean.