Monday, July 7, 2008


Isn't it funny that nobody posts during the summer? I guess it's because everybody's so sidetracked. I mean, I'm at the library posting this, and we're going to a candy factory next. So...full day!

I am writing more, so if you want me to post them, i'll put a pole on so you can vote.
I got a new e-mail, so if you know my cell number (most of you don't) then ask me for it.

Ruby's gonna come stay with me for a week!! :D it makes me so excited.

I went to VBS. Did anyone else get Power Lab as their theme? It was so fun. I got this awesome shirt with Fizz on it saying "Aha!".
I don't think that i'll wear that to school.

Kristen went to Oaxaca, Meh-hi-co for a missions trip. She's gonna go teach the little Mexican kids English! Go kristen!

Nuh nuh nuh nyarg...

Anyone do fireworks? Kristina and Carli and a bunch of our other neighbors just sat in the cul-de-sac setting them off then played pyro with the trash and leftover bottle rockets.
It was awesome.

Then i played the Sims 2 for six hours straight on a ninja family. They have two and a half (pregnant) kids named Kyoko, Matsuko, and Toshihiro. (two girls and a unborn boy).

My brother is getting all obsessed over Supermac18 on YouTube. It's creepy.



Nano said...

I've died of boredom cuz no one's posting. There's nothing to do!!!! *sept chores, but those I'd rather avoid*. Anyway, no, our VBS is beach themed. I think it's in two weeks. We had to buy goldfish crackers. *yum* I won't be home. Family reunion. Grr....