Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gaaah. Sorry.

Okay, i was sick for a week then got side-tracked.


i haven't been doing much, and i didn't have mono. Kristen was obsessing over the fact that my saliva could infect her.
Like, we were at the pool, and all of the sudden she's like "Did you spit in the pool at all today?"
I just kind of look at her and am like "Uh...we're in the pool. There might as well be my saliva as well as yours and anybody who's held their breath in here."

So we had to leave. But it was 'too cold' anyway for Kristen.

Then I've been playing on the Sims 2 a lot and Kristen just installed Sims 2 Open for Business so the computer is running weirdly as of right now. (like right now)

And now we have friends from Washington State with us, so i might not even blog for another long time (does that sentance work?).

So bye.