Monday, August 4, 2008


Okay, since we moved the computer hasn't been hooked up and it's driving me insane. I can't blog unless i go to the library and do it (there is a huge screen and EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT YOU'RE WRITING!! Jeez. Embarassing much?).
I can't play on the Sims 2, and that is driving me crazy too.
I can't write. UUURG. That makes me crazy.

Also, our dog keeps getting in my room and terrorizing my cat and eating her food. This has happened for two years streight. I spank her. And she still does it. Today I asked my mom if I could get a cattle prod.
She said i could. :D

How many books have people read this summer?
I've read a lot

  • Little Brother
  • Maximum Ride (1,2,and 3 yet again)
  • Twilight (1,2,and3 again)
  • Being
  • What I Meant...
  • Season of Ice
  • The Miner's Daughter
  • The Curious Inncident of the Dog in the Nightime


  • The Catcher in the Rye

So yeah, Ruby, there you go if you need a book to read.

Oh, did anyone get Breaking Dawn yet? I know Ruby has. And Sara. But i HAVE TO WAIT TILL WEDNESDAY because i ordered it online.

ug. Does blogger ever drive you nuts because it keeps doing things to you? Now it's making me skip a whole line when i press ENTER.

See that?


Our grandparents are staying until Wednesday, and so Carli, Kristen, and I can't go to Water World with the youth group! Like, i went up to Blacklock (youth leader) paid the fee for securing your place, and then had to go get it back.

(skipped a line again) I think Sara's mom and Veronica still think i'm emo because i wore the awesome shirt i got in Breckenridge that's black with a bike on it.

(skipped) IT'S ONLY A BLACK SHIRT!!!

Anyway. See ya.


Anonymous said...

i only got breaking dawn from the library mine comes on wednesday. and my mom and sister never said anything (today) about steph being emo.

Anonymous said...

sorry the other comment was from me sara

Steph said...

they may have been _thinking_ it.

Kristen said...

steph is paranoid.

Sorry sarah.


her sister