Monday, September 15, 2008

cough, sneeze, snort, wipe nose, clear throat, repeat

Does anyone else have a cold? *coughs* *sneezes* *snorts* *wipes nose* *clears throat*
I mean, it really sucks you know? Like, big time? Not fun.
I had to take these cough drops that numb your throat. Bleah. Wonder Drops. HAAAAAALLELUJAAAAAH.

*pouts* Colten sits next to me in Rock. }:-(


*COUGH*!!! *COUGH*!!!

I re-posted some writing on my other blog. PLEASE go read it!!


Emmie said...

Yay! We're sick together!! *waves tissue in the air then coughs horribly*

Blake said...

i just read your whole blog (yes i am that bored) and i have to say, your life is very interesting as compared to mine

Steph said...

Oh, thanks.

You read the whole thing??


Bluemaster said...

hi one of stephs 3 guyfriends(shes gguy shyyyy)

Steph said...


(michael makes zero sense)