Tuesday, September 9, 2008

{it's a} "AAAAAAUHHH!!!! A RAT!!!" {rat's nest}

I was working at this lady from church's house, and she, Kristen, and I were working outside. So she (I'm just gonna call her Mrs. Jones) was sweeping the deck [because of the owl turd everywhere], and noticed that there was some of her greenery under the grill. She thought that it was because of the hail storm they'd had, and that the wind just pushed it under. Then it donned on her.
"Hey, guys? Can you help me move the grill? I think there's something living in there."
So we walk over and move it. Then there's, like, urine stains on the deck below it. She groans.
I pipe up, gasping. "Can i open it?! Can I!?"
"Um...sure," she says, standing back.
So we take the cover off the grill, and I lift the lid...
...and there's this rodent that looks like a mouse on steroids. *
"AAAAAUUHHH!!! A RAT!!!" Mrs. Jones shreiks.
I onto the deck rail (and Kristen jumps off the deck) and watch it run off.
And there's a nest (i kid you not), and it looked like a little rat condo.
So, yeah. Now i know the truth to it when my mom used to tell me that my hair looked like a rat's nest.
> ^.^<
We're getting four horses! Coaco [**], Keena, Allie, and Bonnie. They're pretty.
Boaz rolled in poop today *ew*
*if you can tell me where i'm quoting from you win a free pat on the back


Blake said...

I love the background of your blog! how can I get a cool one like yours? =)

Nano said...

Seriously. Luv the background. And don't worry, your hair can't be worse than mine. Mine's thin, as brunette as possible, you know, not too dark, but it would never be mistaken for honey blonde, slightly wavy, and ONLY LOOKS GOOD AFTER 7 PM. It's a lost cause. *sigh* But try twisting it up and clipping it. Throw out some bangs. Problem solved. And, RATZ ARE CUTE!!!! *unless it's in New york*

Steph said...

no, it was like that when i was little

Emmie said...

Sorry but I'm walking spell check. It's spelled Cocoa. Yeah all my friends get super annoyed that I correct their spelling.

Same here about the hair. Mine was ALWAYS a rats nest. Now since I got it chemically straightened it's not as bad.