Tuesday, October 7, 2008


(yeah, so i don't know who's read the last post or what, but, hey, there are NO COMMENTS.)

"Should I start this song off with a question?
Or should I say what's on my mind.
(Add a cello here to add a sad impression).
Cause I'm not looking forward to leaving my friends all behind.
I didn't vote (though I'm not proud), cause I'm Canadian, and I'm not allowed.
Give it a go or throw in the towel.
Stand all alone or swim through the crowd.
No one around to help you decide.
It's time to make up your mind." (only ironic because i had an orchestra concert today)

Hehe...Caleb gets 'runner's high'. He's in cross-country. Like, "Whoo-hoo! Haha, hee hee, ho ho, five miles to go! Hee hee, haha, ho ho..."
I can so see him skipping about and singing that. XD

Oh, hey, Newman? My computer swallowed one of your blank CD's. And yes, i mean what i mean when i say that my computer swallowed a CD.
Sorry 'bout that. Did you know there's 322 Michael Newman's in the US? I searched it to see if it was safe to use your whole name on my blog. Apparently yes.
But there's only three Kristina ______ in the US. So i'm not gonna use your whole name. There aren't any Stephany ______ in America. Apparently i'm not regestered. But there are 72 Stephany's in Colorado. Spelled with a 'Y'.

Has anyone else noticed that me and my friends (Newman, Kristina, and Ruby) are really loud with their typing? Like we use THE BIG LETTERS and the bold letters and the BIG AND BOLD LETTERS. And we say the randomest things.

Ya know?

Anyway, 10-4, over and out.

(Oh, and hey, Read the post before this and COMMENT ON IT!!!)


Blake said...

=( i'm sorry, i shall comment more often from now on =)
and that was a kool song, who's it by?

Steph said...

Wow. That was quick.

Anonymous said...

its by relient k. i think its called my way or the highway


Steph said...

RUUUUBY!!! Hey, you're on!

hehe...the WORD VERIFICATION is KJfcavrq