Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hahaha...Guys Are So Wierd


I'm wearing stripes today. If any of my friends from school saw me in this, they be like, "What the heck, Steph."

Okay, so today at church, my family got there way to early because me mum and dad were going up to the nursin' home. So Kristen, Daniel, and I got to sit in the near-empty 'socializing' room (as i call it) and mess around. My siblings ended up on the ONLY two chairs, so i got the floor. I text Kristina.

Me: Hi
Kristina: Hi
Me: Whatcha doing
Kristina: Watchin tv
Me: I'm at church. I'm super early. XD
Christina: Oh, wow
Me: I know. I'm just sitting around watching people.

(Our youth leaders Blacklock and Abby arrive)
"Morning ladies," he says.
"Brian! Daniel is not a lady!" Abby scolds.
Blacklock does a classic 'blacklock' shrug. "Sorry."

Kristina: I hav 2 do the whole patent project 2day, yuck
Me: Me too. I kinda forgot how to do that...what do we write about?
Kristina: I hav no diea, thats y i havnt started it yet

(Steven, Josh [Steve's brother], Michael [ANDERSON], and Cameron [can't remember last name...he works at Little Cesar's] arrive)

Me: Oh. Well i gotta go...

"Hey, Steph." I look up. Steve towers over me [kinda because i'm sitting on the ground and he's so much taller than me], and so does Josh, Michael, Cameron, and Blacklock.
"Hi Steve."

Kristina: K bi

I look at Kristen. "They're so tall," I whispered, standing up. Steven gives me a high five, and the seven of us form a circle and start talking. Only, i'm kinda stuck behind Steve and Kristen. Heh. Then the two new girls from Singapore join the circle and i'm totally cut off.
"Um, hey, can you people, like move a bit that way? I'm feeling kinda excluded," I say to Kristen from behind Steve.
"Aw," Steve says, and puts his arm around my shoulders and pulls me into the circle between him and Kristen. " are part of the cir-cle," he says gesturing.
Yeah, no kidding.

Okay, and this was the funniest thing that happened to me ALL DAY.

So after service, Caleb shows up. And me, Kristen, Daniel, Anderson, Steven, and Caleb were hanging out, and Steve goes, "Hey, look at this awesome Matrix Fitness stuff. Caleb, 'cmon, yeah like that. You get down in the push-up position and hold it. Like this."
And they, and Anderson, stay that way for a minute before Steven beats them [Caleb having no arm strength at all]. Never-the-less, he flexes his arm afterwards. I was trying sooo hard not to laugh.
And then all the boys do wall-sits without a wall, and i join them. And I win.
And then all the guys were being all 'manly'.
Then our youth leader Chris comes over, "Why do guys always do stuff like this when girls are around?"

It was funny.

And then I got hit in the face with Steve's Arizona Tea 'cause he was wondering what i was doing while he was helping Blacklock glue things for three hours [because i didn't have an excuse and honestly didn't know anything about it, and Kristen did have an excuse] and play a game of 'light sabers' against Caleb and find out that i'm just as strong as he is. If not stronger.

And that's what my Sunday was like.



Anonymous said...

haha lol

i have noticed that when guys are around girls they always have to do that


Steph said...

XD I know

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that you pushed me out of my chair brutally in front of everyone.

and I had the chair in the first place "cause I'm a lady, that's why!"


Steph said...