Thursday, October 23, 2008

Horse Pictures!!! Mwaha, but no faces allowed.

So this is like, part II of the Mexican Ghetto Truck Adventure, but everything past the second picture is at our house.

Daniel and I in the Mexican Ghetto Truck. Kristen's to my right, but she's not in the picture. Haha!

Kristen and I with Bonnie (brown one) and Allie (cream one)

From Left: Bonnie, Allie, Cocoa, and Keena

<==Allie Keena==>
<==Bonnie Cocoa==> Neighbor Horse===>

<==Allie Bonnie==>

<==Me <=Kristen Cocoa=>

<=Cocoa Kristen=>


Ginny said...

you and your siblings, aaawww. =P which one is the nice one? which one is the naughty one?

Ginny said...

i meant horses, for the questions, btw

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Your pics are amazing.

ruby said...


i love the painted(bonnie??) and the tanish colored on(cocoa??)

they are so pretty!!!!

Steph said...

The Buckskin one (Cocoa) is the naughty one. She's so much like me it's not funny.

The three (Bonnie, Allie, and Keena) are painted. Cocoa is a Paint-Dunn who looks like a Buckskin.

Seth said...


Blake said...

omg they are so prettyfull!!!!!! =D

leave_me_alone said...

Nice horses Steff... You should replace the faces with the "Lauging Man" symbol from ghost in a shell. If you watch stuff like that... Good anime..

"I thought what I'd do is I'd pretend to be one of those deaf mutes."