Sunday, October 26, 2008


Tomorrow i get to go back to school. }X( RAAAAAAANT!!!!

I have a lot of homework to do and all of it includes drawing stuff. So my hand hurts really bad, and right now i have a ACE Cold Compress on it.

And now I know that Caleb in fact is a yellow lab. We were Abby's car with Kristen and Abby driving up to the Care Center (nursing home) to do church for them old folks and he picks up a frisby from the back seat.
"This is the coolest frisby ever," he said.
Five minutes later. "This is a cool frisby."
After the Care Center church on the way back down...
"This is the coolest frisby ever."
"This is a cool frisby."
"Do you ever PLAY with this frisby?"
Kristen, Abby, and Me at the same time: "Geez, Caleb!"

Today at church I was talking to Kathy, Chris, and Makayla; and Steven (with Caleb following) runs up and yanks me out of that circle (rudely). This was no friendly take someone by the arm and pull them over. Oh, no. This was full fledged YANK. I swear, I got whip-lash.
So then I find myself in the Caleb, Steven, Anderson circle. And they tell me that I am now their friend.
And then Kristen yanks me out of that circle into her circle and gives me a big hug and yells at Steven.
I got at least thirty high fives today.

And then later, when we were at Word, Steve got mad at Jordan and ran at him, and Jordan moved out of the way just before Steve hit him and Steve literally flew at the couch, rolled over the top, and fell off with a crash. It was so funny. Worthy of movie content.

So yeah, apparently I'm now their new best friend. And I apparently need to go help them with Slime Time on Halloween because they're the only Youth helping and need me to go too.
Steve's like, "Nod your head 'yes'."

Kristina, wanna come with me so i'm not alone with all of them? Please?

Over and Out,