Sunday, October 12, 2008


Okay, so i raided a coloring page site and found a picture and painted it so it looks like my horse. My horse is a Dunn, but she is also Buckskin and Indian Paint. She is so pretty! I need to get a picture of her on here soon (and Kristina, you need to come over soon!).

Today, my mom's friend and her two girls (both older that 15) came over and helped us get our barings on horsey's.
I learned how to round pen, but i couldn't ride my horse (still coming up with a name, only i can't tell you her full name because you could literally find me and kill me with that name because she's a regestered horse.

I don't know how many of you yahoos are crazy maniac mass murderers who plan to kill me at the first piece of info you get of me, but it's a risk.

I AM NOT A CRAZY FREAK SHOW MASS MURDERER!! I swear, i'm not. (Don't listen to any comments that Michael may post about that statement, okay? Okay.)

Oh, and Michael? OBAMA IS A BUTT HEAD!! When he comes to kill us, we're gonna send Boaz after him, charge him on our horses, and we are gonna LOCK HIM IN THE HORSE TRAILOR!! YEAH!!

And then we'll throw Molly in there with him to finish 'im off. XD


So yeah, 10-4, over and out.


Nano said...

Sweet. McCain all the way. We allready got our "Yes on Prop 8" sign up. Do you?

Steph said... kinda doesn't work when your house is in the middle of a 35 acre ranch...the whole 'influence people' thing is lost. XD