Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sorry, Couldn't Resist

"Read the questions below, type your answer into flikr search and pick a picture from the first page of search results you like most.

"First name? Favorite food? High school you go/went to? Favorite color? Favorite Celebrity?Favorite drink? Dream vacation? Favorite dessert? What do you want to be when you grow up?What do you love most in life? What's one word that describes you? Flikr name?

I'm just gonna give you my answers: 1) Stephany; 2) Ice Cream; 3) Um...I'm not gonna tell you this one; 4) Blue; 5) Kiera Knightly; 6) Mango Smoothie; 7) Africa; 8) Bundt Cake; 9) Artist; 10) My God. 'Cause he's the one true God, and he loves me; 11) Music/Being Steph-like (you'd get this if you knew me in real life); 12) Don't have one.

Hey, we got horses today!!! I'm so happy! We got Keena and Cocoa, and they don't like carrots. Okay, did you ever get those toys when you were a kid that were, like, plasic horses? I'll bet they came with little plasic carrots. But my horse and Kristen's horse don't like them.

It's raining, and cold, and I'm wearing my awesome amish jacket, my blue Hello Kitty fleece pajama pants that i hate, and blue socks.

10-4, over and out.


Blue J. said...

Love the pictures. :) Especially the 4th one of the water and the boat. Hey, if you want, check out my blog. I did a post about how stinkful the Eragon movie was. Hehe. Anyway, nice blog! ~Blue J.

P.S: Yep, that's "stinkful." Such a real word. ^^

Kristina said...

holy crap, i got my hair cut.

Steph said...