Sunday, October 19, 2008

Steph Went on an Adventure in a Rainbow Ghetto Truck. She Found a Painted Pony and a Burrito

Today we had an adventure. My dad bought this aweful truck that cost half of the ATV to pull the horse trailor. It has a rainbow stripe on the side, just like our retro RV.

I think my dad has something for the 80's.

So we drove up to Buena Vista to get the other two horses, and it took pretty much all day. Three hours down, three back. All i brought was four CD's (with the player), a pillow, and a book (which i did not end up reading). My sister got me to bring my iPod, but i didn't end up using that either.
I got the middle seat, with Daniel on the left, and Kristen on the right. Daniel almost made me carsick when he dicided to get out his pretzels and blueberry cream cheese from the cooler. I told him i'd puke on him, so he took one last bite and put them away.

We also ate at a diner, and we sat in the mexican corner with tiles. My mom looked for burritos on the menu.

He brought many things. It was like, "I need this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and two pairs of shoes (????)."
I only brought one pair XD

So we got Allie and Bonnie to go with Keena and Cocoa (WHO I AM SO RENAMING!!! Any ideas?). We got home with the trailor, and Keena and Cocoa start whinnying, like, "OMG IT'S ALLIE AND BONNIE!"

There's a pile of gold under every rainbow pickup.

Over and out,