Thursday, October 30, 2008


I know that i can play really amazing, i'm just reeeeaaaally tired of the songs i'm playing. And my piano teacher is totally thrilled that i'm her student, but i'm not. She won't let me play anything but classics. It's reeeaaally boring. I don't wanna play another Bach song! I wanna play something cool, like music printed from songs i like to listen to. Then i might actually practice once or twice every week ('cause I never do). I could be amazing at something I like to do.

The other day, my mom was saying, "Geez, Steph, it's like you hate the thing."

I DO!!

I found Shawn MacDonald music for the piano at the Christian Book Store the other day. Did I buy it? No! Because my stupid teacher would never let me play that. Ooooh, no.

Seth on the other hand would love to take lessons from her. *elbows ribs*

But, really, i'd like a teacher that could teach me to compose music, because that's what I'd like to do. I keep hearing songs and going over to the piano to plunk them out, but I can't. I can't get the base chords because I don't know how to build them!
X( *rant**rant**rant*

And now Kristen's upstairs playing the music flawlessly for the first time that I just struggled over for half an hour.


Uh-hmhmhm :'(


Hey, found this on Fang's Blog:

Anonymous said...
Hey, Fang, I've got a suggestion:

CELL PHONES. Get them. Seriously. If you could snag a fancy-schmancy laptop that works ANYWHERE and can't be traced, then you should seriously consider swiping some cell phones like that.
One for you, one for Max, one for Iggy, one for Gazzy, one for Nudge, and one for Angel.
Why not? The Flock keeps getting split up, whether because of the Flyboys or Erasers or by *ahem* YOU being stubborn *cough* and I bet it would be a big relief to Max if she had a means of knowing where everyone was with just a little phone call.
You could even call in the middle of a battle, since they're so small and non-bulky, and you guys have plenty of time to make witty banter with whoever you're fighting. Just be like, "Oh hey girlfriend, wassup? You alive? Sweet, me too, barely! What about the others? Cool. Just makin' sure. OKAY LOVE YOU MAX, TOODLES!"

...maybe you won't say that exactly, but whatevs.

Just tryin' to be helpful from down here on the ground.



leave_me_alone said...

Dude, I know your pain for piano. I have to take it. Man, it sucks! I just use it for anger management. =P

Sarah Elizabeth said...

You should try David Nevue, his stuff is kinda classic but much cooler than the straight up classic.

Steph said...

I just kind of...HATE IT.

I want a teacher that can teach me to compose, not one that's all, "There are a million children in the world who wish to have the privalage you do. Millions. Have you ever thought about that, Steph?"

I haven't.

"You have a beautiful mind, Steph. And a gift for music."

I know that. I use it on the cello.


But i'm kinda over my rant now. I'll give it another week. See where we go...

Angel Wings said...

Try the guitar it's way easier then the piano, I would know cause I used to play. Just saying over priced and soooo old time. Now my dad and I play the simple non-expensive guitar...together!

-make a note of it

Angel Wings

Kristen said...

FYI, I didn't play that song for the first time. A year ago I worked on it for a month. So it's not like I just picked it up.
AND I just read things that are in front of me.

And you DO have a beautiful mind for music! You are just too pessimistic for yourself, cause you can read notes and you can play. Be nice to yourself. :)
<3 you!

Cabbie said...

I know what you mean about piano- I have been playing FOREVER (it feels like) and am still in 'piano lessons' books. I have found it is more tactically wise to play what I want most of the time and just not tell my teacher. :)