Saturday, November 1, 2008


How was trick or treating for you? If that's what you do.

I didn't go. I went and helped out at Slime Time at my church with Steve, Caleb, Alex, and Anderson. It was pretty fun. I manned (well, woman'ed) a trow-a-ball-into-this-hole-and-get-x-amount-of-prizes thing. At first it was you shot it into the hole with a sling-shot, but it broke. So we went with throwing it.

Then, like, halfway through the thing, Josh and Benny (Ben is the shortest asian eleven-year-old alive. I'm not even kidding. He calls me 'Stephy', and is so cute. He's really nice and polite, unlike his two older brothers) and they came with their mom, Denise.

I've known Steve's family since Daniel was born. So, like, forever. We're practically family. Same with Caleb's. Only his family left the church when we got a new pastor, and that made me sad 'cause his little sister I've known since she was born. She's uber cute too. Her name's Aubrey. And his brother just Ethan. He's a red head like Daniel, and they're friends too with another red head named J.T.


And then about fifteen minutes later, Steve, Caleb, Alex, and Anderson showed up and manned some of the other stations. It was funny, 'cause I could hear Caleb across the sanctuary: "STEP RIGHT UP!...

And then we all got shoved into the Cry Room (for babies, and it's soundproof) to take all the candy and put it into a big bag.
And then we hung out for awhile and talked about guy things because i relate to guys so much better than girls. I dunno.

It was just really fun. And then afterwards, Denise gave me some leftover dry ice and i put it into a bowl of water when I got home and went to bed at ten. And that is really early for me on a Friday night.

Over and out,



Angel Wings said...

I'm in a youth group too... and I think it's the same with me I only have too friends that are girls! My sister and my bff(girl version) Mia...And she is a tom boy too!