Sunday, October 5, 2008

If you dare frickin copy this i'll beat you up, then send Boaz after you, then sick the Big Bad Wolf on you, and then i'll run my horse over y-

Get my gist? Okay, so i had to write this paper for Social Studies, and I had very vegue instruction, and i don' t get it. So...just comment and tell me how bad it is *covers face*


Steph [last name oooo not telling you what that is since i'm the only Stephany [last name] in the world (i googled it)]
Core 1Technology

The technology we used one hundred years ago, and the technology we use now is phenomenal. Like, toilets! I mean, it sounds really funny, but really. Toilets have had a big effect on the way our houses are built, and the way we live. According to an article at, “…high density cities could not be possible without toilets.” Nowadays, you can’t just empty a chamber pot from the window of your apartment! That’s disgusting! Even though some of the world’s most advanced societies one hundred years ago did, they had a certain system that worked around chamber pots. We assume that toilets have been around for a long time, because they’re so simple, and common. But that in fact is not true. It is a very modern device for handling human waste. And it does a pretty good job of it too.
Running water is also a luxury that people two hundred years ago did not have. Tap/running water changes the whole aspect of searching for water that’s drinkable. They had to boil it in order to be able to even drink it without getting sick. Now, all we need to do is, just, turn a handle, and, hey!, clean, drinkable, water. Hardly any energy used at all.
( ) The telephone is also a great and convenient thing. Two hundred years ago, they had something called the Pony Express. And you sent letters to people using people who risked their lives on horseback to deliver to a loved one your important message. One hundred years ago, there was a train that could do that for you. Until about the 1960’s, you had to write to somebody to get mail, with just a pen and paper. But that all changed just as soon a man named Bolt Beranek came up with a way to sent electronic text messages from one computer to another, thus the beginning of email.
In 1347, the Black Death broke out in Europe. Did they have the technology to save hundreds of lives? No. You see, today, many diseases you get are curable. The modern technology enables us to find cures for almost any illness or injury you may face.
One hundred years ago, if my sister had been born, she would have died. Born without a thyroid, and a month too early, there would have been no hope for her. No incubator to keep her warm, medicine to make sure she grew. She would have died. But, no. Instead, she was born in the twentieth century, and there were doctors who knew what they were doing, and who would not rest until they were sure that that infant lived. Technology, it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?

Did that suck? I think it did.
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Anonymous said...

its 200 years ago not 100 years ago (in like ur 1st sentence)!!!!

Steph said...


Blake said...

it's great =) better than anything i could've written. (i suck at writing) it'll probably get a b+ AT LEAST, hopefully an A =)the toilet part was kinda grose tho XP but still *thumbs up*

Steph said...

Gee, thanks! I thought it sucked. Partially because i didn't site it. *twiddles thumbs*. Whoops.

I'll probably get a D just for that.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this what Majetic really liked? And actually, if I had been born 10 years earlier I would've died, but just the same as 100. FYI...

I liked it.
The end.