Monday, October 13, 2008

So i have noticed

That my life kinda runs off the Youth Group battery. Heard of that brand? Like, i have something to look forward to and to drag me through Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (urg...still spell that thinking, 'okay...WED - NES - DAY').
And that, pick anyone in that room minus the people in the only clique and the middle school guys (count them, three), and i would trust them with my life. I could trust any one of them, minus those people, with anything.

Although, I probably couldn't trust Steve and Caleb with an egg and tell them not to break it all week, but you get the drift. ('cause trust me, it would break)

But...right now i feel like going to youth group right now, 'cause i'm in need of some friends to talk to and be totally undignified and to rip off the stupid school mask.
'Cause i am not blank and expressionless at home and at church. Ooooh, no. I do not answer questions worth at least a sentance with two words.

And I give hugs (TO GIRLS, MIND YOU). I really need a hug right now and i don't know why. I'm gonna go find Kristen...

Michael may not beleive me, but it's true. I am a hug reciever.
Aaand...i'm not at school. Because i do not trust most people there. I feel insecure and tense there. And if Michael tried to hug me, he knows he'd get kicked. (theory from last year PROVEN)

Uh-hoom. *pout* I need my Church Family... :-(


Blake said...

aw =( i don't go to your church but i go to a church so ill give you a hug =) *hugs* (please don't kick me!)
haha! that's how i remember to spell wednesday too! =)

ruby said...




btw.. when is your fall break. i think im going to die if i don't see you soon!!